You Can See These Things Only In Japan, It’s Guarantee

Japan is undoubtedly one of the most technologically advanced, smart and clean places. There is no second thought about the technology of Japan. It might be a strange thing for some people but Japan, seeing it’s huge technology, is geographically a smaller country than most of the high technology countries.

Well, today WheeBuzz brings you some of the things which you can only and only see in Japan. Let us have of a look.

Diagonal crosswalks

Well, this is a great idea for public. Usually it gets very frustrating to go without a diagonal crosswalks as it takes time and energy. In big cities of Japan like Tokyo, it has been serving a great thing which in my opinion should be followed by other countries as well.

Lonely Cafe’s

Lonely Cafe’s is basically an idea for the people who are lonely in their life. Here you feel that you are not alone, having meal with someone, a toy also but that is enough for us right? Well, we all know internally we all are alone so in this way lonely Cafe’s is seriously a wonderful idea.

Silent Karaoke

Have you ever heard a term called silent Karaoke? If no, this is what Japan is all about. Well, this might sound weird to an extent but that is just true. This idea allows us to keep out karaoke performance only to ourselves. Imagine you are singing and nobody could hear, it’s like a superhero thing, isn’t it? Well in this world where family hates karaoke but we do, Silent Karaoke is a marvellous idea.

Square watermelons

You must be like how can it even possible? But see japan is all about making a difference from the rest of the world. We in other countries are happy growing round watermelons but Japanese farmers make it square.

Not exactly sure why are they being form this way but they are available in markets in Japan.

Circular keyboards

A yet another unique thing to see in Japan is circular keyboards. Now you must be wondering why did they make circular keyboards, what is the point making them? See the thing is really simple. Japanese language has number of characters and they can not be fitted on a rectangular keyboard so some companies in Japan make circular keyboards. Amazing invention isn’t it?

Mouth napkins

This is hilarious but it is true. See like I said Japan is all about making a difference from the rest of the world. We know we often get frustrated when we are eating and somebody continues to see us. Japan seems to have awesome solution to it. You have a mouth napkin in Japan, especially for girls. The idea behind it is that people feel your mouth is closed but it isn’t. Clearly a hilarious thing but useful at times.

Umbrella parking

In Japan you can park your umbrella so that nobody can take it. Usually we lost go out with umbrella and we lost it. It gets really annoying right? Well, in Japan, the places you more likely to visit frequently you can definitely use this method where you can lock the umbrella and make sure you always have when you need it.


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Written by Jay Rajput

Jay Kumar is a passionate writer and Conversationalist. He is well versed with niches like sports, travel & tourism, entertainment, and news. He says his biggest hobby is enjoying living. He also likes and does a bit of poetry as well.

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