World’s Rarest International Borders That Will Amaze You

The world has more than 200 countries and some countries have only a water as border, these countries are called as Island countries. On the other hand, there are some countries who share borders with other countries and sometimes it becomes very rare and horrible.

WheeBuzz presents you the rarest and most unique international borders in the World

Belgium & Netherlands

Belgium and Netherlands both are European countries that are known for their greenery and beautiful vacation time. Like these countries, the border which divides the two is really unique. Not everywhere you will get to see a situation like this. There is a house which lies in both Netherlands and Belgium, strange enough. Isn’t it? Well, the border shows there is a peace between the two nations.

Morocco & Spain border

This is such a unique and rare international border is probably the only border which divides two continents i.e Africa and Europe.

The war and political tensions in the region are high and this is why Spain built a 10 foot long wall but still Morocco people who claim that border city to be their climb up and the conditions becomes really rare and uncontrollable. Often the deaths have been seen.

Derby Line, Vermont

Strangest of all the borders. Derby line, is a border in USA & Canada which is known for its different nature. Here there is a theatre located at the border and it is said that the audience is in USA and the performance is in Canada.

Even more strange thing is that some families make food in USA and eat it in Canada. Pretty strange, right?

India & Pakistan border

India and Pakistan border is one of the longest and war zone borders in the World. The two countries are often not on the same plate and this is why the area is kept under a strict army from both countries.

This is clearly one of the most dangerous International borders because of Sachin glacier where the temperature tumbles to -50° Celsius.

The Korean Demilitarized zone

A really dangerous border where you certainly would not want to go. It is basically a land of 260Km (161miles) which divides North and South Korea. One of the places where you can see a huge military, nobody goes to that area and nobody crosses it thus it is setup as nature preserve where species are kept preserved.

The Diomedes

Diomedes are two islands, consists of The little Diomede Island in USA, and the other one Diomede Island in Russia. These islands are just a 4 Km apart but Strangely there are huge time differences.

If someone is looking on the other island through telescope it would be the next or previous day. Isn’t it awesome?

The four-corner monument

The four corners monument is a monument which is known for its four American states divide. Though, this border is not an international one but it’s unique features are just above normal. The monument is often visited by tourists, known for its Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. So if you are in US and want to go another state, you can go just by taking a footstep.



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