‘World’s Hottest Grandma’ Reveals Her Age Leaving Her Fans Stunned in Disbelief

They say age is just a number and as that goes, there are some women who are already grandmother’s but their looks will astonish you. Looking at them on the internet will have you wondering about the Photoshop factor but what would you say if you met them in real life and they still looked hot and sexy like Alice Vasquez?

WheeBuzz brings you this story about the world’s hottest grandma

A woman who could claim the title of ‘world’s hottest grandma’ never fails to surprise people when revealing her age.

The woman who has claimed “the world’s hottest grandma” title truly surprises people when she reveals her actual age. Alice Vasquez, living in California has stated that people usually confuse her to be her daughter’s sister and it surprises them, even more, when they find out that she is a grandmother too.

Alice is a yoga teacher

When she was 16 years old when she had her first kid and then had her second child 3 years later. Following their parent’s footsteps, the two kids of Alice became parents in their early twenties and by the time Alice was thirty, she became a grandmother.

She has been through tough times

In an article in Daily star, she tries to explain how some people find it hard to face and overcome such situations, but she is happy and proud of the fact on how she and her children have turned out to be.

Her daughters feel she is having fun with all the attention

My daughter thinks the attention I get is fun. We motivate each other to live our best life despite the pressure of people judging us. People think we look like sisters and really think we had a hard life or some drama. Here she is with her daughter Keyla.

She doesn’t regret marrying young

“It’s nothing like that… we just both fell in young love and had kids young. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.”  While some grandmas might enjoy putting their feet up on a Friday night, Alice enjoys going clubbing and admitted she sometimes gets hit on by men 10 years younger than herself.

She says men are amused

“When men find out I’m a gran, they are instantly amused by the title. They always want to know more about me. Obviously, I don’t look like a grandma – and I actually think men find it hot!”

She receives a lot of male attention

Many men give her their attention, but she is in a happy relationship with her partner who has been with her since she was 20 and now they lie in Las Vegas happily with each other.

Alice had recently uploaded some photos of her celebrating her 40th birthday and many people had wished as well as complimented on her ageless looks.


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