Why Skin Becomes Dry in Summer?

The sun is radiating scorching heat on to the earth. People around are moving bathed in their sweat. The wind is too warm to resist. Maybe I should get into my Air Conditioned room, or not? 

Yeah, you guessed it right, it is summer, and I am wondering what I should be doing or not be doing to rule out the possibility of dryness on my skin. The problem is prevalent even in windy, dry winters, but the intensity is truly felt in summers.

My hand skin is so dry that I can draw line drawings over it. It is because I stay in an AC room 24*7, but there are numerous other reasons responsible for this. I am listing up some of them in here:

  • Dehydration: The prominent cause that you cannot afford to ignore. You sweat profusely in summer through every pore out there in your body. Imagine the water loss.

It dries up the skin from inside. Prolonged dehydration can cause other severe health benefits, but let us not distract from the topic.

Even if drinking much water does not rejuvenate your skin, you are not drinking enough. 

  • Hot shower: Some people are so habited to take hot showers even during summer, that it causes more damage than relaxation.

Steam tends to wash off a protective outer layer of natural oils over your skin leaving it exposed to harsh outside environment. This causes loss of your skin moisture to make it dry.

Yes, the chlorine in swimming pool, after its prolonged exposure to skin, could snatch your skin moisture and make it tight and dried.

  • Air Conditioner: staying most of the time in an AC room can deplete your skin oil layer. I am the witness myself in this case. The skin seems to be healthy outside, but deep down it gets all dried up.
  • Over exfoliation: Exfoliation is great to remove the dead cells from the external layer of skin. However, over exfoliation exposes the moisture of your skin to heat, eventually causing rashes and dryness.
  • Clogged pores: It blows dusty warm winds in summer that get stuck to your skin’s outermost layer, blocking the sweat pores. Moreover, when there is no sweating, your skin is all dried up. 

You can wash your face and hands to unblock your pores.
  • Over Tanning: Sun tanning is done to get a nice darker shade on your skin. However, over tanning can harm your skin by sucking up all your moisture, leaving it red, itchy and dried. 

It can rarely also cause skin cancer.

  • Too much use of sanitizers: Summer season produces a considerable amount of sweat in your palms and hands. This entails washing off your hand often and use of sanitizers. 

Sanitizers commonly are alcohol based and act as an antiseptic. Frequent exposure to alcoholic compounds, like ethyl alcohol, can steal moisture from your skin leaving it all dull and dried.



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