Whoa! These Hollywood actors should have some serious guilt after turning down such amazing roles!

Well, Hollywood always holds an upper rank in cinema industry for a very long time. There are numerous fantastic, movies, roles, characters, and dialogues that presented by the Hollywood industry. Not just that, there is a list of iconic movies which already won millions of heart and thousands of awards. Being a part of such great industry, Hollywood actors and actress always have a responsibility to choose the best roles that can help them to show their talent as much as it can, also leave an iconic impression on people’s mind. But there are so many cases where these actors fail to choose their roles and they lose a chance to become an iconic character! Well, here is the list of all those actors and actress who should have ‘guilt’ after rejecting these roles!

#1 Will Smith: as Neo in the Matrix

 Will Smith not only rejected science fiction movie ‘the matrix’ but also rejected the role of Superman. He said that there is no way that he will ever play the role of Superman in his life!

#2 Tom Cruise: As Iron man in The Iron Man

World’s most handsome man as iron man? However, Tom rejected this role as he didn’t find himself fit for this role. Anyway, the decision was his but his fan missed a chance to see their handsome hunk in a suit of Iron man

#3 Emma Watson: As Mia in La La land

2017’s biggest romantic drama film La la land, the role of Mia was first offered to Emma Watson but due to some reasons, she turned this role down.  Well, bad decision Emma!

#4 Julia Roberts:  As Viola in Shakespeare in love

Shakespeare in love is one of the best American romantic movie directed by John Madden. the movie was based on William Shakespeare who was looking for a muse that can help him in writing, well the role of Viola was first played by the Julia Roberts but after some reasons, the role was played by Gwyneth Paltrow

#5 Anna Hathway: As Alison Scott in Knocked up

Princess Diaries fame Anna Hathway rejected the role of Alison Scott in romantic comedy movie ‘knocked up’, in an interview she said that showing vagina ( not her) in a movie is something that she will never going to do.

#6 Nicolas Cage: As Green goblin in spider man 2  

After Ghost riders series. Nicolas Cage was in his carrier hike and maybe he didn’t want to do the same kind of roles again, that’s why he rejected the role of Gobline in spider man 2

#7 Gwyneth Paltrow: As Rose in  Titanic

The world’s one of the most iconic romantic movies ‘ Titanic’, The role  ‘Rose’  was first offered to Gwyneth but she clearly said no!  WORST MISTAKE EVER!

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