When Unexplainable And Unusual Things Found in Backyard

Backyards are truly mysterious. There, you can find some of the most mysterious, precedent, and very unexpected things. So, likewise, we thought to dig it deep and extract some of the most unbelievable things. This can be very curious and exciting to know what you find when you dig into your backyard. Anyway, here are the most unbelievable and unexpected things found in backyard. Read the whole article only on Wheebuzz.

Loaded Machine Gun

If it were just machine gun, it would not be that unique, but I wonder who and why would anybody keep loaded Machine Gun into the backyard. Indeed, it was a disturbing exploration made by a Canada man. He found a plastic bag, and when he further looked inside, he astonishingly found a fully loaded Machine Gun, and with that, a cell phone. How loaded Machine Gun came to his home is a mystery.

$150,000 cash

Now that’s what I call unbelievable, unexpected, and unpredictable. Who would not go crazy out of happiness when they found 150,000 dollar in cash? The story is amazing. In Illinois, Wayne Sabah, a 51-year-old man found $150,000 cash. He reported about this in police station in the hope that if nobody claimed that money, it would be his. But then, the 87-year-old woman Dolores Johnson claimed the money. The court ordered to give part of money to Dolores’s daughter and part of it to Wayne Sabah. But Wayne died before ten days of recieving the money.

1000 year old skeleton

It was a fearful discovery made by a man in Utah, USA. He found a skeleton into his backyard. Frightened by the discovery, he reported to the police. The police sent the skeleton to medical test. Later, when results came out, it was founded out that it is not a body of recent murder or so. It was a body of a native American lived almost one thousand years back.

World War II bombs

Bombing range of Florida during World War 2, is not a place where people live, and thousands of homes have been built over the same. This place is notorious for discovery of that sort. Several discoveries have been made, a number of bombs have been found here, the first instance of such sort was the 1998 when the first bomb was discovered.


Two kids in Los Angeles found a magnanimous discovery in 1979. Yes, it was Dino 246 GTS Ferrari. Later, it was found out that the car was stolen by thieves and buried it there. Speculations were made that it was an insurance scam, and the car was supposed to be destroyed by the thieves but, because they loved it so much, they just buried it with the plan of retrieving later. Insane story, isn’t it?

Hand-Grenades and TNT explosives

If you found Hand granades and TNT explosives in your backyard, then surely you are going to lose your mind. That exactly happened in May 2013, when a 39-year old Czech Republic man discovered this unexpected and disturbing finding. Then, he called the police. Later, it was found out that the man’s backyard contained tons of explosives from the World War time.



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