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And here what’s your zodiac sign hide a dirty secret about you!

Understanding about stars is always been an interesting topic, well maybe you don’t know about your zodiac signs and what it can do! According to the research, zodiac signs can tell lots of thing about you. However, there are some people who don’t believe but at some point, your zodiac can really help you to know the real you. Well, your zodiac signs not just help to discover the real you but also hide your deepest and darkest secrets, secrets that no one knows. Secrets that you fear to face…

Aries: you love Attention!

Well, everyone wanted attention in their life. But Aries is too obsessed with attentions. However, they are too shy to ask and to express their feelings in front of others, especially when it comes to their love life. Aries never want to get played and they will never let that happen either.

Taurus:  You have trust issues!

Taurus people are unsecured and have trust issues, for them trusting someone is like an alien language. Their past experience and memories don’t let them believe, however, if you got their trust you will get everything from them.

Gemini: You are too cautious about everything!

Gemini strictly follows the quote: Follow your heart but take your brain with you. They don’t trust easily and if they do then they do with cautions. Their spidey senses are always ON!  Gemini has few people when it comes to trustworthy list, but they scared to get backstabbed or what happens if someone breaks their trust. And that’s why they don’t get easily open up with people.

Cancer:  you hate to get vulnerable!

Cancerian hates to get emotionally played and that’s why they prefer to keep themselves hidden. Their dark secret is that they hide and keep their ‘I am shorted and cool’ mask on.  Cancerian people are vulnerable from inside and they don’t want to let anyone see that side.

Leo:  you love to get limelight!

Leo person will never accept that but they don’t like when someone else gets more limelight than them. Also, they can’t stand when someone shows ego in front of them. For Leo, Being a center attention is the only thing that they needed.

Virgo:  You think TOO much!

Virgo is over thinkers and they think about every possible side of one thing. However, it’s a good point but sometimes it leads assumptions that disturb them and its best to avoid such things.

Libra: You fear to be alone!

Libra people want to have lots of people around them. They hate to be alone and that thought of being alone even disturbs them. Apart from this, they needed someone to be their side for motivating and to push.

Scorpio: You have a face of poker!

Scorpio got the best poker face; it’s hard to read the real feelings of scorpions. They don’t let anyone enter inside their head and for that, they keep maintain a good distance from people. However, scorpions are quiet by nature but if you poke them then get ready to face a war!

Sagittarius:  you got commitment issues!

Sagittarius will not let anyone force anything over them, they don’t want to lose a control and that’s why they have issues when it comes to commitments.  So if you are going to propose a Sagittarius then it’s better to give some time to think before he or she responds.

Capricorn: You are perfection freak!

You don’t want to get messed up, in fact, you hate when things get too tangled. Capricorn is a perfectionist, at least they try to show that in front of others. They don’t want to show their imperfections side and that things scare them.

Aquarius:  you are aloof by nature!

Aquarius have their own little world where they feel happy so when you put them in middle of lots of people they start feeling disconnected. However, they try to connect but sometimes the pull for getting back to their own created world is so strong which makes them aloof by nature.

Pisces:  You hide your delicate side!

Pisces are famous for being a strong as well as a powerful person. They won’t let their guard down no matter what happens, however, Pisces has the sweetest side which they afraid to show.  So if you got that side of a Pisces then count yourself lucky!

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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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