What Would Happen To You In a Zombie Apocalypse, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Clearly, in our post-modern pop culture, a zombie apocalypse is perhaps the scariest dystopian world which can be imagined which is even scarier than an alien invasion. How do you hide from your own family, friends, peers and colleagues and neighbors who are all around you and have turned in to bloodthirsty, brain-hungry monster? Even the survival projects during a real zombie apocalypse is a real bummer as they are all erstwhile humans who know how to access all the conventional hiding places and addresses that you can have and can easily hijack all the resources making you their hostages.

WheeBuzz brings the possible ways a person might fight back based on their zodiac strengths and how might they deal with the worst zombie apocalypse of all time.

Aries – Leads a Group into Battle

If you have Aries friends start adding them up faster even it means sucking up to them as they would be your future saviors and survivors. In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, they would not only survive but call upon all the neighboring survivors and lead them to a fight against the zombies head-on. Since this sign is known for its impulsiveness, impatience, and aggression their inherent confidence makes then a natural leader but their short-sightedness would spell doom when they actually clash with those monsters as the weapons selections would be unplanned and no proper strategy would be created for escape or ambush. Due to these impulsive decisions and short-sightedness would make their survival not impossible but difficult.

Taurus – Rides Out the Apocalypse Alone

Taurus thrives in a fixed routine. So understandably a zombie apocalypse would be like hell broke loose for these people. As they realize the world as they have always known is completely destroyed, they decide to hold his ground firmly in his house all closed and locked and sealed up. They prefer to wait patiently till the bloodbath outside subsides and someone comes to rescue them eventually. They would hoard their food and bed and would lock themselves up from the outside world and rather work on securing their house from every possible invasion. They would survive through an electricity and network outage and brave through isolation and uncertainty but would not budge from their property.

Gemini – Moves From Group To Group Making Friends

They are pretty similar to Aries in their survival instincts as they are fast in joining a group of survivors and always are a part of a strong team. But the difference between them and Aries is that Gemini’s are flexible and know when to jump ships instead of being stubborn and die. They can be a genuine part of any group but their own survival comes first and start to show cracks when they are stuck in a limbo or are uncertain about their future survival. So as soon as they realize their present ship might sink they are the first one to jump ship and join another group of stronger survivors and start their networking yet again.

Cancer – Family First Over Survival

Well, Cancer does not trust people easily which makes them safer as they do not allow any stranger to enter their closes circle of loved ones namely- family. They would not open for any other survivor wanting to join their group. In fact, their loyalty and sense of self-sacrifice for their loved ones are so high that they will willingly get killed if it means safety for their kin. Until that gruesome moment arrives they would lead its small group of survivors and keep moving towards a safer haven and are the pillars of emotional support for everyone in their group but unfortunately this bravado and stubbornness reduces their chances of survival as they simply refuse to take any help from other survivors and do not believe in power in the numbers. Their survival into the first week of the apocalypse would be a miracle in itself.

Leo – Booted Out From a Group of Survivors Because Of Drama

Well, Leos cannot help to be an attention seeking jerks even at completely insane situations such as zombie apocalypse. Their attempt to grab the spotlight as a leader or decision maker is more for a glamour quotients, rather than for real survival responsibilities. Make no mistake they can easily be a part of any group they like because of their charm and charisma but their laziness and rebellious nature will not bode well with the other survivors. So they are in for a boot the moment they show off their diva side of nature and left to fend for themselves and we all know how would that end when the nasty brain eaters are just around the corner looking for you.

Virgo – Silently Becomes Indispensable To A Group of Survivors

Virgos are the most pragmatic and practical zodiac and even a world-altering catastrophe like zombie apocalypse do not unhinge them as they start off with their planning for survival. They find a group of survivors and become indispensable to them. Once they practically analyze the viability and choose a specific survivor group they are loyal until the end. Slowly they become an asset to the group and are soon the decision makers. But their obsession with at least 8 hours sleep even in a zombie apocalypse makes them and their followers an easy prey for zombies when they miscalculate the hours and place of rest and are tardy while changing camps. Their lack of work-life balance spells their doom in the apocalypse.

Libra – Starts a Cult

Libras are social superstars even during zombie attacks. They use their social skills of negotiations to get cooperation from other survivor groups and created a diplomatic relation with all. The groups who do not agree with them they prefer talking their differences out and somehow uphold the social contracts while the whole world is burning and falling apart. Their motto is to share and survive in a time like this. Due to all these reasons, a Libra ends up creating a cult following the mantra of harmony, peace, and fair practices.

Scorpio – Becomes a Zombie Hunter

Scorpios have a dark side to their personalities which they keep hidden only to unleash at times of disasters and apocalypse such as these. In fact, they would thrive in such bloodthirsty time because the zombie apocalypse is the perfect time to bring out their inherent violence and venom without being judged for them. As they are outcast because of their trust issues and introvert nature, they make their own way and become the most dangerous zombie nemesis taking each of them down brutally. They become the lone rangers in the world of death and destructions.

Sagittarius – Seizes the Chance to Travel The World

 The most optimistic sun sign sometime to the extent of being foolhardy to actually take this disaster as an opportunity to travel outdoors and find a new adventure. Everything is a picnic for them and yes they would never be alone as they are many likeminded Sagittarius in the world who would happily sleep on the treetops rather than a being cooped up on a house. They find humor and philosophy even at times like these. They do not mind giving a false sense of security to their comrades and motivate them to travel to new places even if it means stepping on rotting corpses. Unfortunately, their thirst for adventure comes to an abrupt end as soon as they step into an area populated by zombies where they all are devoured without any ado.

Capricorn – Becomes the Ruthless Leader of A Survivor Enclave

Apart from Scorpios, Capricorns are the ones truly prepared about the seriousness of the situation and know what needs to be done to live and survive. With their discipline and time management skills, they create their own group of super-survivors, letting the family first then the closest and the most trusted friends. Since they are pessimistic in nature they have been silently planning for such day to arrive since they were smart enough to plan. Now the apocalypse is just a chance to put their well-planned strategies in motion. Capricorns run their group like a well-regimented army battalion and ruthlessly kill any zombie which comes their way. Once they have created a strong community they look for a well-built dwelling as their headquarters and other weak survivor groups cannot encroach their territories as any weak link is in the same target list as the zombies.

Aquarius-Kidnaps Zombies to solve the crisis–V2fP7Twp–/c_fill,fl_progressive,g_center,h_900,q_80,w_1600/xmeey4vrsonnqcod3nup.jpg

The emotional Aquarian would be devastated by the death of humanity and will miss the interesting conversations.  Aquarians will welcome and gather groups of survivors by their charm and desire to help those in need. However, Aquarians will be tolerated mainly because of their aloofness because they may be unable to compromise. The humanitarian Aquarius will also try and figure out if there is still any humanity left in zombies as they will most probably end up burning bridges with those who will disagree with them. They may also capture zombies to research what happened and might even get a zombie brain to put into a jar. The main reason being that Aquarians will want to figure out if zombies can be turned back to normal. But!! They may just get bitten and turn zombies themselves.

Pisces-Gets a Nervous Breakdown

Pisceans aren’t cool with a zombie apocalypse and have too many problems of their own to deal with without such things adding to them. Pisces starts trusting the wrong sort by joining people who want to keep killing zombies. This further saddens the emotional Piscean. This leads to depression making the Pisces flee into solitude shunning humanity. Ultimately, the situation overwhelms Pisces and they end up having a complete emotional and nervous breakdown


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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