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Weird things about girls, they do in the bathroom…!!!

Every one, of us, has their secrets, and there is nothing to be ashamed of that. Few of us might like to sing in the bathroom or toilet, or others might have a secret of keeping comic books inside their workbooks of school. However, here we bring you eight secret things that most girls do in their bathroom and do not tell about that to anyone. As a girl, you might be surprised to know that there are several other ladies out there doing the same stuff that you do in your bathroom.

#1 Swirling fallen hairs on the bathroom tiles to make patterns –

Hair fall can be scary, but girls do find some fun in that too. Most of the girls have a habit of creating patterns on the bathroom tiles by using fallen hairs and soap bubbles. Seems a lot creative, isn’t it? And mostly they forget to wash that artwork off so that the next person having a shower has something to admire.

#2 Dripping period blood on the bathroom floor after taking a shower –

During periods girls do rush to put on their undergarments after having a shower. However, during the sport, they may end up dripping period blood on the bathroom floor which needs to be cleaned up.

#3 Reading the toilet bleach ingredients while they go for a poo –

Mostly girls love to read their phone messages when in the toilet, but if they forget their phones then what? Don’t worry they have some creative idea in that case. Best way to pass their time in the toilet is to read the ingredients of the toilet bleach while emptying their intestines.

#4 Looking at the magnifying mirror in the bathroom and feeling horrified or fascinated –

A girl can spend hours in front of the mirror to get the perfect look. And what if she finds some horrifying pores, bushy eyebrows or Lil’ ‘tache hairs on her face? Nothing can be more horrifying than that for a girl, and she can spend hours to hide or pluck those. Some other girls may get fascinated by their good looks and keep on gazing or admiring the looks for hours in the mirror even while bathing.

#5 Doing gymnastics while shaving legs –

All of us might have seen the gorgeous actresses shaving their legs in TV adverts. But in reality, girls do a lot of gymnastics to get hairs off their legs. It can be better if they use a small table to sit on, isn’t it?

#6 Running out of the shower to get hold of the razor –

Girls are expert at doing a dripping-wet run from the bathtub to the basin to get hold of the razor left out on the side. But then after the bath, they do realize that they left behind puddles of water outside the bathtub.

#7 Farting while bathing –

Girls do love to fart in the bathtub, and it does smell a lot pungent than any other fart.

#8 Feeling horrified with shampoo in your eyes –

It is common for girls to end up putting some shampoo sud in their eyes, no matter how hard they close their eyes or take precautions.

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