Watch The World’s Most Viral Music Video of All Time. Despacito Has Chalked Up More Than 4 Billion Views on YouTube

Despacito, A music video by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee has just made musical history by becoming the first music video on YouTube to chalk up 4 billion views. Now that’s incredible. Let alone YouTube, It has also been featured  atop the Billboard charts Hot 100 equaling Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s One Sweet Day which ruled for a long stretch in the nineties.

If you haven’t watched the video, then watch it now at the end of this article and it will blow your mind. And it doesn’t have Justin Bieber’s additional verses, it was made without them.

USA’s First Major Spanish Language Chart Topper

This year has seen several eventful music videos like Taylor Swift’s rip off Right Said Fred and Kids opening Boxes. Not to lag behindDespacito has now entered an all new realm of YouTube hall of fame as the first ever video to hit 4 billion views taking in account the fact that the world population stands at 7.442 billion people, then that’s a fantastic statistic anyone could hope to achieve on  the video platform.

The Reggaeton-pop tune has been universally accepted as a hit the world over and believe it or not, Despacito actually means “slowly” but there is nothing slow about this amazing song and it’s phenomenal climb up the charts. It is in fact USA’s first Spanish language number one hit.

The song has boosted Puerto Rican Tourism by 45%

The video has all the hallmarks of a summer blockbuster every music video actually needs. It is a combination of Puerto Rican sun, sea and the sky with a group of guys having a great time and of course some sexy moves by a model too.

Believe it or not, the song has also boosted Puerto Rican tourism which showed a 45 % increase in July 2017 since the song topped charts worldwide. Tour operators attribute their increase in sales to the song. The Club La Factoria in San Juan has suddenly seen a spurt in its clientele. Unfortunately the district which served as the setting of the song was devastated by Hurricane Maria and it was heartwarming to se Luis Fonsi helping hundreds of volunteers distribute aid in the area

Luis Fonsi ecstatic and thanks his fans on twitter

The Spanish Video Despacito was filmed without Justin Bieber’s additional verses and posted on January 12th 2017. It has now become the most watched video on YouTube with 4 billion views and climbing. Fonsi who was ecstatic tweeted the news of his milestone “Thank you for supporting family. Thanks Puerto Rico.

It has outdone Wiz Khalifa’s 2015 hit See You Again honoring Paul Walker and achieved 3.15 billion views as well as PSY Gangnam Style with 2.97 billion views. Since its release it has broken all music stats records left right and center and is the fastest video to reach 200 million views on YouTube. In fact within a day it had chalked up 5.4 million hits. Without further ado watch the fantastic video of Despacito.

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