Wanna Try These World’s Weirdest Sandwiches Ever?

You all love eating sandwiches as it is a time-saving food yet fills up our belly for a pretty good time. These days when it’s all about creativity and inventing things, the cuisine sandwich is also in the race as there are endless forms have developed in which you can enjoy eating bread.

Some of those I am going to mention here. So, let’s see if they make you fall in love with sandwiches or you better be hungry than trying these out.

# The Rubik’s Cubewich

The first one is the Rubik sandwich that looks like any Rubik’s cube. There are cubes of different ingredients between those white bread. This brain-teasing idea in the form of sandwich mixes up salami, pastrami, pork fat, kielbasa, and cheddar cheese as well. So try this one and lets your tummy solve the puzzle.

# Hand Sandwich

The sandwich looks appealing because the buns here are in the forms of palms and the filling is all loaded between them. Here in this one, the filling can vary as per your choice as there is no end of sandwich fillings. It is a perfect piece if you are starving right now or try it on your lunch-time and let your taste buds have spinach, onions, cheese, and much more.

# Chip Butty

I don’t know what kind of sandwich this is because it is like a donut filled up with fries inside. As you can see this one is really easy to make, you just need those buttered bread roll and some fries, and you are good to eat it up. One more thing, they feel sweet in the mouth.

# The Chicken & Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Is it the weird combination because of the chicken and waffles together? Yes, it is, but it is worth experiencing and lets your taste buds decide the results. Surely it will be Sweet, crunchy, chewy and creamy may be.

# The KitKat sandwich

If you want something sweet in the form of a sandwich, then try this out as it will be really yummy. What can be better when are starving for a treat like this that comes with whipped cream, KitKat, orange peel and sandwiched altogether.

# The fruit sandwich

A really neat and clean treat with a fruity flavor that manages to have strawberries with other delights. Check it out with a foamy cheese experience.

# The cheese and chocolate sandwich

Anyone here wants a combo of melted cheese and chocolate with those bread can surprise with the addition.

# The rainbow toastie

It seems really innovative that forms a colorful rainbow toastie with several ingredients like beetroot, rocket, goat’s cheese, etc. and yeah coloring as well.

# The Luther Burger

Here doughnut replaces the bun or the bread and takes it to the next level that one is enough to fill you up having 800 to 1,500 calories.

# The Ramen noodle Burger

If you think you are bored of trying out the same combination again and again, then this sandwich made up of Ramen noodles can solve your taste issues. It is the one unusual treat where you take your choice of fillings between the noodles bun.


What do you think?

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