Viral Photos of Lion Hugging Its Cub in Adorable Real Life Lion King Moment

Surely you must know that Disney is remaking The Lion King which will soon be releasing. They will use the latest CGI and photorealistic animation technology for making it. Regardless of how great the film would be, it won’t be as amazing as two real lions embracing each other. An awesome scene was captured in Masai Mara, Kenya by Sabine Bernet from Paris, France while documenting wildlife and then she had captured this wonderful moment.

WheeBuzz brings you the pictures of that tender moment.

A father lion was grazing his territory when surprised by someone

The images captured by this 53-year-old photographer shows how a father lion was gazing around his territory in Masai Mara plains, just before one of his own cubs sneaks up to him through the long grass and jumps for a big hug.

A true lion king moment

It could be said that this exchange can be anthropomorphizing but it surely does appear to be that the daddy lion closes its eyes a bit just before it cuddles the cub just like how a real father overcomes the feeling of fatigue and love given by their children.

The male lion actually hugged his cub or appeared to do so

This heartwarming moment was captured by Sabine when she was clicking pictures for a children’s book early in the morning and according to her, that pair was joyful in each other’s presence. She said that the older lion pretended that he hadn’t noticed that cubs until the cub surprised him and then they joyfully played with each other.

Photographs captured at the right time

She loved the moment when the elder lions hug the cub softly and it also displays the contrast between the gentleness and brute strength as well as the huge paw size of the elder lion gently holding the small cub.

The lion played happily with his cubs

She was amazed by the way how this enormous lion was gently playing with its cub. It really appeared as if they were having fun and enjoying each other’s company. It was a pure moment of grace which was perfected by the delicate sunrise. This is one rare wildlife moment that any nature photographer will give an arm or leg to see. Since she took the photographs, they have blazed across the net and gone viral.

One of the most beautiful moments of nature

This has been one of the most beautiful moments spotted of nature which is absolutely perfect, but it doesn’t mean that we should get less excited on the remake of the Lion King.

For most of you who know, or will later know, the movie revolves around Simba who is a young lion and he grows up to become pride land’s new king assisted by two entertaining friends, Timon and Pumbaa while opposing his reign to the throne is his Uncle Scar.

*Spoiler alert- Scar may not be Mufasa’s brother or Simba’s uncle.


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