Vienna Becomes The Most Liveable City in the World

The world often wonders which city would be the fitted and the best to live in, finally the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index shows that Vienna has finally superseded the city of Melbourne in Australia and become the most liveable city.

Not a big surprise but these two of the cleanest cities were heading to the same competition and finally the world has got its answer. With education, infrastructure and health facilities, Vienna and Melbourne have been ranked at the top notch.

Other cities in the list

Japanese cities Tokyo and Osaka, the new one have also made it to the list. Surprisingly Osaka has jumped higher than before.

Australian cities like Adelaide and Sydney, along with Melbourne are among the most liveable cities in the World.

The capital of Denmark Copenhagen, after Vienna was the only European city to make it to the list.

What not to miss in Vienna

Well, Vienna is not to be missed due to number of reasons. The beauty lies in Vienna is far more appealing than any crowded city. Following are the major things, monuments that you must watch atleast once in your lifetime. Vienna is a set of beauty and clean environment which will end up making you it’s fan.

Schönbrunn Palace

This is a flabbergasting piece of architecture which is probably the first thing you need to visit if you really adore beauty. Not just in Finland, it is one of Europe’s most visited palace.

St. Stephan’s Cathedral

Did you know this can be deemed as the most prominent symbol of the Austrian capital?

The gothic structure, popular in whole Europe, was a 12th century structure. The natives believe a visitor must visit it.


Albertine is in Vienna and is something one would add in the bucket list on seeing it the very first time in pic. Graphic collections here are the largest in the world, which adds one more reason to visit it. Ever since it’s establishment in the year 1776, Albertina is a major appealing spot in Europe.

Vienna State Opera

No this is not like Sydney Opera house, but it is no less. A dynamic and mind-blowing architecture, an old essence of making and the beauty lies in the same, what else could you ask for in a monument which wins the heart of visitor in just one go?

House of the sea

This is one thing I would suggest you not to leave at any cost. It will thrill you, I promise. It is the largest aquarium in Austria which contains  saltwater fishes and Mediterranean sea fishes. The aquarium also includes sharks and other domestic water fishes.


Last in my list, but not the least, Belvedere is the champion of all the monuments in the city of Vienna. One must cherish the memories of this monument all their life. The construction of the same has a history dated back to the time of Prince Eugene of Savoy.

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