“Vacuum Challenge”: Latest Viral And Riskier Online Trend That Sweeps Over Social Media

Call it a ‘Vacuum Challenge’ or ‘The Bin Bag Challenge’, every participant needs to get inside a trash bag and someone else sucks out air from the trash bag with the help of a vacuum cleaner, creating a vacuum inside so that the participant gets stuck inside.

This is one picture of the riskier social media challenge that involves a vacuum cleaner and a trash bag. This challenge has become the most viral trend, going much farther into dismay as per health experts. In spite giving regular warnings, this idiotic trend could not stop few people, including children dive into it and fall into fatal conditions.

When did it started?

Vacuum challenge footprints can be found from Trash bag challenge, also known as bin bag challenge in which household stuff were vacuumed and thrown into the pond by some thrill-seekers. However, with time many people, especially the teenagers started getting attracted towards this trend and to impress others in social media, they took this thrilling experience as a latest challenge. Most surprising thing in this viral trend is that the challenge is performed indoors where many parents and their kids are been seen involved altogether!

Another history that can be associated with this latest viral trend is past social media hits like Bird Box challenge and Tide Pod challenge. Another merciless and fake challenge known as Shell challenge can also be linked with this trend that requires involvement of oneself while placing into a large plastic bag with your knees chucked up to the chest. Endless videos and pictures can be seen sweeping each day over social media sites that depicts how curious lay people and bloggers try challenging each other lamely, risking their own and others life. More surprisingly, such videos are even getting thousands of likes and comments that have worried many health experts who could not stop themselves putting precautionary steps while attempting to those challenge, if not quitting it completely.

Health risks associated with ‘The Vacuum Challenge’

Experts warn that vacuum challenge can lead participants to cerebral hypoxia in which a decreased oxygen supply to the brain cells that result in acute damage of brain. Despite the presence of blood flow, our brain cells require a certain oxygen level that are supplied by our skin cells and nostrils. If inadequate supply is been made, our brain might stop functioning at all.

“Brain cells are extremely sensitive to oxygen deprivation and can begin to die within five minutes after oxygen supply has been cut off,” the institute says. Ones who places themselves inside a vacuum bag and takes on the challenge alone bears the risk of getting stuck inside the vacuum sealed bag and remains unable to move of come out of it willingly.

Watch Vacuum Challenge

Vacuuming Kleo | Vacuum challenge | space saving technique | Trash bag challenge

Sick of the clutter in your house then here is a quick hack on how to clean up and save space. Grab yourself a garbage bag, a vacuum and put your kids in there , vacuum until you achieve the desired result of compact space saving.

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