Unforgettable Visit to Goosebumps raising places

It’s an ordinary thing to imagine a curtain or some hanging cloth on the wall to be some ghost or a spirit. Such imaginations and thoughts arise in mind either after watching a horror TV, series or a horror movie.  The effect it throws on our mind traps us deep into it. We often get scared by any voice or any disturbance that happens suddenly at the moment. If only a virtual watching and look can fill such a heart-throbbing terror, then have you ever wondered and thought about what will be your reaction if you get an opportunity to visit such a solitary and haunted place? Yes, all over the globe there are many such horrible situations existing, where paranormal activities are meant to exist and the places have some weird incidents and stories of curses related to them.  Furthermore, a surprising fact is that thousands of visitors arrive at these haunted places to burn down their curiosity. Let’s have a look on some of these haunted places of the world:

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#1 Bhangarh Fort (Rajasthan)

It is one of the most haunted place in India that is located in the Alwar District near the Sariska Tiger Reserve. The Fort was built in the 17th century by Madho Singh. After that some incidents had taken place due to which the entire site converted to a place of unnatural deaths and the home of the spirits. Since then, Bhangarh Fort is considered to be a haunted place. Earlier studies and the incidents proved the fact that it truly has paranormal activities involved. Even the Archaeologists suggest to not to visit the Bhangarh Fort during night. The famous horror line is also associated it that, “Once a person enters the Bhangarh Fort at night can never come back out of it. It might seem a myth or something but many incidents and weird stories have proved the fact that there is something supernatural within the Bhangarh’s area.

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#2 Highgate Cemetery (North London, England)

Cemetery, a place known for graves to let the dead bodies rest into them. Would any of the readers want to go there and experience some time with silence all around? Imagine the eyes from the buried coffins are staring at your activities and gestures! After watching the terrible movies like conjuring and others, you people can relate the moment when suddenly an unexpected event happens. The Highgate Cemetery recently is the grave point of approximately 1, 70,000 people and it’s damn horrible to roam around so many souls.

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#3 Screaming-Tunnel (Niagara Falls, Ontario)

The name of the place is self explanatory! Basically, Screaming Tunnel was designed and made for the usage of farmers to pass-on their products etc. It was the train tracks, and its haunted stories started after the death of a young girl due to fire. Many other stories are also related to the place. According to the studies, ghosts exist in the area and spread the fear among the visitors.

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#4 Changi Beach (Singapore)

Changi Beach, a famous spot for families to visit as a picnic spot is in reality, one of the most haunted places in the world. Its curses relate to the killing of many Chinese during the Second World War. Their ghosts and souls frighten the people now and the occurrences of paranormal activities are eventually noticed. The interesting fact her relies is that irrespective of the deadly signs, people dare to visit the spot and spend the whole night at the beach.

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#5 Monte Cristo (Australia)

Monte Cristo is located in the New South Wales, Australia. The story relates to a very common part of our lives. In this luxurious life, all wealthy and busy personalities have house maids in their homes to look after the cleanliness and their children also. The story of horror started here when a house maid pushed to babies to death. Ryan family made it proved that the house is haunted and a home of spirits.

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All places discussed are the most haunted places and enough to make your Goosebumps visible. Just have an unforgettable experience of life whenever possible and then try to move alone for washroom or try to escape from mind’s weird and fearful illusions!

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