Uncanny Stories Of Urban Legends That Is Too Scary And Hard To Believe

Well, scary films and stories are something that attracts us most of the time. We want to know about those who are impossible to see with naked eyes. Most of the time we can feel them around us but we decide to neglect. In our mind, we decided to think about a reason instead of thinking about the actual thing as it helps to sleep better and live better. Think about this, did you ever wonder why your window’s curtains are fluttering so much? It’s a wind or something else. The sound you herd in midnight is just a normal housesitting thing or maybe it’s a voice of someone. There are so many things we face all days but we choose to avoid. But do you know, there are lots of people who are dead but they are not disappeared from the earth, they are around us, they are around you.

So, WheBuzz here presenting the list of  uncanny stories of people who died but their presence is still here

 1. La Mala Hora

La Mala Hora is known for evilness and she wanders around the roads during the night, looking for travelers. She hypnotizes people and tortures them for her own pleasure.When she is done with one, she took off for her next victim.

According to a story, A lady was traveling at midnight suddenly she saw a black shadow. The lady stopped her car but the shadow turned into a lady with red eyes and teeth. Terrified with this, the lady traveler started her engine to run off but the evil spirit continued to chase her. However, the lady traveler gets rid of the evil spirit but as she reached her home, she found cops waiting for her to tell that her husband was murdered by someone at midnight.

2. Abandoned Annie

Real Mary King’s close in Edinburgh is known as a ghost town as the people of their hit by the plague and left the town with lots of dead bodies.

In 1992, Aiko Gibo who was a psychic visited the place for looking some paranormal incident but she didn’t find anything. At the moment she decides to leave, Aiko felt something that was drawing her attention toward a room. She stepped in without thinking twice, according to her a pastor of the little girl asked her to do that. The girl also introduced herself as Annie who is sad as her parents abandoned her when she was alive and she also lost her doll somewhere. She was a victim that has died of the plague. Aiko decides to buy her a doll and she bought Barbie for her. After the incident, The travelers bring toys and even money for Abandoned Annie.

3. Single Braid

Well in China, the Single braid is one of the terrifying stories of a girl and her boyfriend who decided to sneak into a Hongkong. They took a train but things go bad when the police asked the passenger to show their ID. The girl freaked out as she didn’t have any ID. For saving herself, she jumped from the moving train but her long braided hair stuck with window. Her hair got ripped out of her scalp taking along skin o her face. She tried to save herself but she didn’t make it and died in the middle of the road.

According to people, the road is now known as Single Braid Road. No one came after she dies, not even her boyfriend. Well, sharing an encounter with the girl, a student told that he was walking and about to cross that road but suddenly he spotted a girl with long braided hair, turning her back toward him. He asked her if she is okay but she didn’t turn. Trying to get her attention, he tapped her should but when she turned to look at him, the young man was horrified as the girl has no face.


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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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