The most unbelievable coincidences of all time that will blow your mind

Life has rightly been described a strange journey. We all have come across several coincidences in our day to day life. Coincidences do not happen daily, but small coincidences is not a big thing. But, Have you ever feel totally confused in a strange way? If no, then today we have come up with a list of most unbelievable coincidences, that will make you feel how can this happen. Have a look of them.

The Almost reincarnation

No matter how hard you believe that reincarnations is a fiction novels thing, but this incident will make you think again. In 1988, the Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari died, and in the same year around a month later, Mesut Ozil, a German footballer born.

When you see their faces, you definitely go like wow. The eyes are literally same. You will definitely get goose bumps when you come to know they are not twin brothers.

The Hoover dam tragedy incident

Hoover dam is one of the mysterious dams in the world, and it is called so for a reason. Due to its geographical location and other aspects, the region has witnessed a number of earthquakes. But the strange part is that about 100 people died while constructing it. The first person died while constructing it was George Tierney, who died on December 22, 1922.

Wait! Here is the strangest part. The last person died during its construction was Patrick Tierney, who also died on December 22, and he was the son of George Tierney.

The Titanic Premonition

The legendary story of Titanic needs no introduction. It is known and heard by every person of the world. In 1898, before 14 years of the Titanic sinking incident, The fantasy writer Morgan Robertson wrote the novel called ‘Futility’, in which he described a ship with the same Technical characteristics as that of Titanic.

The name of the ship was The Titan. Both the ships, the fictional one and the real one were described unsinkable. The weird thing is that both the ships lacked a suitable number of lifeboats, and both collided with an iceberg in North Atlantic.

After the sinking incident, the novel was republished as ‘Futility, or the Sinking of the Titan’.

The biographies of Lincoln and Kennedy

Two of the American Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy had the same kind of biographies.

Both had a friend called Billy Graham. They had huge similarities. Lincoln was elected president in 1860, Kennedy was elected president in 1960. Both were shot in the head, and both were died on Friday. Lincoln had a secretary named John, Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln. The story gets more weird here. Wives of both lost child while in The White House. Both the Presidents succeeded were surnamed Johnson. God! That is something even a history teacher can’t explain.

The unlucky brothers

That is one of the weirdest incidents ever taken place. In July 1975, a person Erskine Lawrence Ebbin died, who was 17 years of age. He was riding his moped, and hit by a taxi.

A year back, his brother, who was seventeen then, died while riding the same moped, hit by the same taxi. Isn’t it astonishing? Well if no, then here is the big blow. The taxi was driven by the same driver and he was carrying the same passengers. This is really more than unbelievable.

Prediction of Trump’s victory in the Simpsons

In 2000, the creators of The Simpsons made an episode on Donald Trump winning the election and become the president of America. Nobody could have ever imagined that this would turn out true someday. And the magical part was the campaign, that was almost the same in the cartoon as well as in reality. Also the drees up in one of the pics was as same as the cartoon. This is really surprising.



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