Tricks to Take Instagram Photos Like a Pro

Ever since the emergence of Instagram, there is a way to get popular by photos only. Today, it has become one of the most popular and familiar ways. Nobody wants to go unmissed, especially when around millions of photos are shared on Instagram daily. That’s right. Now, you may wonder what kind of photo attracts the users, and what exactly is a good or perfect photo look like? If you are in search of something like that, read the full article.

Instagram allows people from all around the world to stay in touch with each other by just sharing photos. The photo sharing website is tremendously crowded with photos. In this way, you would definitely want to be glanced for more time. Since, everybody wants to show the best pictures, how to take a good picture is a much explored thing. If you want to turn to a Pro kind of photographer from Common photo-taking guy, the only and the best possible way is to edit Instagram photos like a pro.

Following are the tips and tricks to edit Instagram photos in the best of ways, only on Wheebuzz.

Proper lightning is the key

No filler or any other photo editing technique can ever suffice the need of proper lightning in a photo. A good photo gets more users on Instagram because human tends to adhere to good photos, for a good photo it should not lack proper lightning.

Okay, so the first rule is, you should always use natural light wherever possible. According to a New York based photographer “Natural light is the best light because it makes a photograph naturally beautiful”. But, this doesn’t mean you should take photos in heavy afternoon. That Time, light is tremendous enough to destroy the photo. When it comes to outdoor photography, mornings and evenings are advisable.

Eyes before lens

So, a lot of people tend to ignore the importance of something we feel looking beautiful. You eyes actually know what looks more attractive. It is natural, isn’t it?

Most people takes out camera and click numerous photos and complain about the photos not having quality. The thing is, that photography does not come with camera, lenses or any other equipment, it comes from the vision. Vision is something incomparable and indispensable, that no lens can buy. Your eyes, if a bit trained, can tell what frame would suite a picture. For this, just try to see things from eyes first.

Select your filler

Believe it or not, your filler actually beautifies the picture, and there is no doubt about it. In order to edit Instagram photos quite more attractive than anything, applying filler is a really effective tool, rather important. But, the main problem lies in choosing or selecting the filler. Yea, that can be a tricky part if you are not very well versed with what filler suits what background. Anyway, there is no rule at all about which filler is the best or the worst. It’s that, fillers work differently for different pictures and frames. So select your filler wisely to edit Instagram photos like a Pro.

Do not avoid basic editing

Basic editing is never to be ignored at all. Basic editing, in a way, gives the final or the most important touch to the photo. And, a lot many times it happens that you tend to avoid basic editing, but an influencer or the one who aspire to be an influencer can never ignore this point. Basic editing includes Adjust, brightness, structure, contrast, warmth, saturation, shadow etc. Since every photo has a desirable scope of balance, brightness, shadow, contrast etc, avoiding basic editing can be one of the most brutal mistakes that you can commit while editing Instagram photos.

Seek Quality than quantity

Well, in a general way, people understand the importance of quality than quantity because it is always better. If you really want to be an influencer, than positing a number of bad pictures would never be more fruitful than posting few but quality photos. As mentioned in the article, a good photo shall always consist good lightening, basic editing and other relevant steps. Focus on quality than quantity if you want to change the game.

A Picture speaks a thousand words

This is indeed a very important thing, and a true photographer would instantly understand the gravity of this. All the influencers on Instagram either know how to take a photograph, or know how to take a speaking photograph. You need to understand this. Your photo should speak something, it could be anything. Like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so why not? Take a picture that may convey something, that really touches someone. Trust me, a talking picture will get you more likes and users than a random picture ever will.



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