Top Scary Korean Movies That May Haunt Your Dreams

Korean women are beautiful skins, cute faces, delicate features and gorgeous looking women…UNLESS…they are dressed like those horror dolls in some Korean horror movie. Korean Horror movies definitely can give you chills and those nightmares for nights you can be up erasing those memories from your mind. But once corrupted, it can not be undone.

WheeBuzz brings you the list of Korean Horror movies that will bring you nightmare and in a wrong way.

1.  The Wailing  (2016)

A story of a policeman who investigates gory and mysterious killings and illnesses. From disappearing strangers to naked man eating raw deer flesh, murdered neighbors, and strange dreams, the movie has all of it and more. Viewers discretion is adviced and the movie is not for the weak of the hearts.

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The Wailing Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Korean Thriller HD

Subscribe to INDIE & FILM FESTIVALS: Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER: The Wailing Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Korean Thriller HD In THE WAILING (GOKSUNG), the arrival of a mysterious stranger (Chun Woo-hee) in an otherwise quiet village coincides with a rash of vicious murders, causing panic and suspicion amongst the villagers.

2.  Death Bell (2008)

If you are a student who isn’t doing really well in your studies, this movie is not for you. Or maybe it can help you score better. That’s definitely depending on your psychology, but the movie is a series of gory, yucky murders on not able to correctly answer the question paper

Watch Death Bell Trailer

Death Bell Main Trailer

One will die for every incorrect answer.Bloody mid-term exams are in session.

3. Killer Toon (2013)

Okay, the biggest childhood guilty pleasure of watching a cartoon can really become a horror story. A cartoonist is pulled into a bumpy, gory ride when her toon murders are replicated to last linch and pin. Following are the weird things that are happening around her and she has no idea.

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Killer Toon Official Trailer 2013

Killertoon Suradara : Kim Yong Gyoon Pemain : Lee Si Yeong, Eom Gi Joon, Kim Hyeon Woo, Oh Kwang Rok Genre : Horor, Thriller Untuk berbagai berita dan informasi seputar Film, Televisi, Selebriti & Entertainment lainnya, please visit Follow us and stay connected with us

4.  Bestseller (2010)

Being a writer, this one is personally unsettling. A famous and awesome female writers shifts to a small town (never gonna shift to a small Korean town ever…ever), and stumbles upon a mysterious storyteller, correction, horror storyteller. She writes them all but the story has been published 10 years ago. How? Seriously, I don’t wanna know (Never ever recreate the stories of mystery storytellers…ever)

Watch Bestseller Trailer

Bestseller trailer

Bestseller trailer

5.  I Saw the Devil (2010)

Don’t you love those gory murders and flowing blood and the red and smooth organs in hand which a huge knife is cutting…ew I don’t blame you if you don’t. This one’s not exactly a typical horror but a creepy post slasher movie in itself. Again not for the faint hearts.

Watch I Saw The Devil Trailer

I Saw The Devil Trailer

I SAW THE DEVIL is a shockingly violent and stunningly accomplished tale of murder and revenge from Korean genre master KIM Jee-woon (The Good, The Bad, The Weird and A Tale of Two Sisters). Oldboy’s CHOI Min-sik plays Kyung-chul, a dangerous psychopath who kills for pleasure.

6.  Blood Pledge (2009)

Four young girls promise with their blood to each other to be there and love each other (just like friends) forever and (waiiitttt….foorrrr…it….) die together. Now as the sister of one girl witnesses her sister jump with a friend, it was just one girl who died. Who was she? Watch to Know.

Watch Blood Pledge Trailer

Blood Pledge Trailer

“The Blood Pledge” is the fifth instalment of the popular “Whispering Corridors” horror franchise. It follows four good friends in a Catholic girls’ high school – Unjoo, Soy, Eugene and Eun-young, who swear their friendship with blood late one night at chapel within their school compound.

7.  Sin-de-rel-la (2006) | Cinderella

Now I am scared why I wrote that Cinderella is a bad influence on girls because it’s definitely her ghost to haunt me. This horror movie has a very twisted plot of Cinderella at its base and you might end up hating the stepmother and her knife way too much.

Watch Sin-de-rel-la Trailer

Cinderella Korean Horror Movie

Cinderella Korean Horror Movie Trailer. Visit for more Korean horror movies, reviews, and much more.

8.  Into the Mirror (2003)

An abandoned and re-incarnated shopping mall, with huge mirrors and mysterious murders in the mall just before a day of opening. A beautiful detective and a spirit/devil world on the other side of mirrors. Watch this one and use spoons for make-up for next 5 days.

Watch Into the Mirror Trailer

▶ Into the Mirror Trailer

Korean film about mirror in a mall attacking workers. Can a troubled security let his past go and solve this mystery.

9.  A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

A sister has a stay at a mental asylum and comes back to home to discover her father remarried (seriously, without telling her) and her sister despises the woman as much as she does. Slowly she uncovers weird stuff about her stepmother but her reality spins 180 degrees and her whole world crashes down. The movie was remade in America as The uninvited, equally successful.

Watch A Tale of Two Sisters Trailer

A Tale Of Two Sisters Trailer

The trailer to the awesome Korean movie “A Tale Of Two Sisters”.

One thing, the Korean Horror movies are definitely gorier in details and if you are one of the weak hearted one, you better stay clear.

What do you think?


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