Top Female Movie Villains Of All Time

Ever since Heath Ledger has revolutionized the role of villains in the movies from his incredibly wonderful and insane acting in the movie The Dark Knight, there has been a special focus on villains. However, the role of villains has always been a matter of sheer acting. But, women are no less. From the times of 1950s to even today there have been some roles from the females that really stand out of the box.

Today WheeBuzz has come up with the list of some of the most influential females acting as villains in movies.

Glenn Close as ‘Alex Forrest’

Well the role stands out because of the unmatchable acting of Glenn Close in the movie ‘Fatal Attraction’. The movie is a mix of rollercoaster where the villain is a girl named Alex Forrest who spies on a married man and making him emotionally blackmail.


Catwoman is a fictional character became much popular when Batman returns came out. Critics those days after the release of the movie commented that the actress has done a really marvellous job in the movie.

Also, just to let you know Cat woman was one of few female superheroes. The role was applauded by the critics as well.

Louise Fletcher as The nurse Mildred Ratched

Well, this movie might appear to you as a very soft kind of movie with the name as One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest but the 1975 movie is primarily known for the Nurse Mildred Ratched. Louise played the role of the head nurse of the hospital.

The nurse is good but bad when pissed off. The role is eternal because of Louise Fletcher who had a huge experience of acting since 1958.

Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell

Probably the greatest and the hottest of female villains from the Hollywood movies. Well, this is what the Basic Instinct is known for. Catherine Tramell knows how to bring men to the knees. The movie is renowned as an erotic acting. She either kills the cop who is behind her or makes him her slave. The movie came out in the year 1992 and became a hit which even inspired a sequel.

Mystique from X-Men

A much popular role as a female villain. Rebecca Romijn is the Mystique in the movie, a mutant who can shift to any body she want to choose. A right hand of the X-Men’s enemy Mystique is a popular character. Apart from all that, X-Men series is one of the most popular and greatest successful film series in the World ruling a big part of fans all across the World.

The Wicked witch of the West

I am pretty sure one must have not wondered that this movie can have a top female villain. This is mainly because, the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ came in the year 1939 and how can someone wonder if there were Villains but that’s not true.

Seeing her one can easily see she is a true version of a witch. The role was appreciated those days as a great acting.



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