Top current most trending makeup products that are not only pointless but unnecessary as well!

In today’s world, every single person wants to look beautiful. However it’s not a bad thing but in process of looking beautiful, we all are buying too many beauty products. No matter you are expert or beginner, you will understand this better that there are too many products in a market when it comes to makeup, we all know that these makeup products are not cheap in fact it cost huge amounts. But, in between everything there are lots of products which are completely useless and unnecessary but still, we are wasting our hard earnings on it!Here are the top products where you are wasting your money! Go ahead and find it yourself!

#1 False eyelashes

Seriously, who need false eyelashes when you have mascaras to do lots of thing with your beautiful eyes? Not just that, fake eyelashes are a pretty unnecessary product to invest when you know you are not going to apply it every day. And also it can be embarrassing if your lashes come out in public!

#2 Lip plumper

It’s obvious that every girl on this galaxy wants a plum and pouty lips but is it necessary to use lip plumping product which gives you a false plump? Also, lip pluming products give unnatural end results which look extremely weird. So why invest money on this when you have liners which can make your lips beautiful and attractive.

#3 makeup remover

It’s extremely important to remove makeup, and also take care of your face as too much makeup can damage your skin in worst ways. For that, these days’ makeup removers are on trend however instead of buying this costly product you can also go with the cleanser which will give you fresh face and remove makeup gently.

#4 eyelid primer

There are lots of different types when you talk about primers; however, eyelid primer is same as any other face primer or normal primer you use. So why buy this product? Well, also if you don’t use primer on daily basis then buying eyelid primer is a waste of money.

#6 Lip exfoliators

These days, Lipstick is not the only thing that ladies use for their lips. There are thousands of variations in it! Before using any kind of lip application, it’s really important to protect your lips as well as make it soft and smooth. For that, lip exfoliators are used. If you are really looking for an escape and don’t want to waste your money then you can use coconut oil and sugar as it works same as any expensive lip exfoliators.

#7 Lip primers

For not getting mess-up up look after applying lip applications, these days lip primers are used. However make experts say that lip primers actually work opposite, instead of not getting mess-up up look primers make your lip dry and cracked.  Not just primers but lip scrubs are also waste and unnecessary product to use, instead of using this expensive stuff you can go with Vaseline or also with chapstick. They work fine and give you a much better as well as healthy results.

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