Top 5 Pleasant Loneliest Places On Earth You Must See Before Die

Sometimes you may want to leave everything and go to a lonely place to live or just to visit. Well, you can now get your wish fulfilled if you visit these lonely places on the planet with zero human population? So this is a list of such places where you might not even have imagined that really existed.

#1 Snake Island- Brazil

The snake island which is also known as IlhadaQueimada Grande is a beautiful island off the coast of Brazil. It is the only home for a special species of endangered venomous Bothropsinsularius, and the snakes were trapped here as a result of the increasing sea level which isolated island from the mainland. The snakes later adapted to the environment and increased their population which made the island really dangerous to humans to live. Therefore this island is closed for public and only the Brazilian Navy has the authority to enter this island. This is considered as one of the loneliest places on the planet.

#2 French Guiana

It is a place with a very low human population located on the north Atlantic coast of South America. This region is spread over 83,534 km2 which are populated with only 3 people per square kilometer. It provides shelter for more squirrel monkeys than that for humans. This metropolitan area is the second largest section of France and is also the biggest outermost region in the Europe Union. This tropical region is home to various endangered variety of animals and plants and is one of the most attractive places in France. This is a perfect place for anyone to spend time alone.

#3 Antarctica

Antarctica is the world’s fifth largest continent in the world which is as twice as large as Australia and is surrounded by southern ocean. Up to 98% of the Antarctica is covered with ice and is a home to many penguins. When talking about the population, it is seldom that we can find a human in this region because the population is only about 70 to 350 inhabitants per million square kilometers which the population is approximately 1,106 with a population density of 0.00008/km2. So the population explains the loneliness in this continent.

#4 Falkland Islands

Falkland is a small island with a total area of 12,200km2 and a population with only about 0.7/sq mi. This beautiful island lies on the border of the sub-Antarctic ocean surrounded by tundra weather. This is home to a large number of bird species but these days, they no longer reside on the island as a result of the competition from introduces species.

#5 Greenland

Everyone has heard about this Greenland, and we all know that this is the largest island in the world. But did you know that this is also one of the loneliest places on the planet? Yes, it is a region with only about 56,483 of a population on an area of 1.1 million km2. Three-quarter of the land of Greenland is covered with ice and few regions of the island are suitable for humans to live.

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