Top 10 scariest places on the earth

Did you ever imagine if buildings and places like those of horror movies of really exist? And did you ever imagine how such kind of real house or park looks like? There are plenty of examples of such places on earth and let’s take a look at ten such scary places.

  • Paris Catacombs

It is a place in Paris which was abandoned for hundreds of years, and it contains thousands of human skeletons. Because of the overfull cemetery environment in the 18th century, the bodies were relocated in these tunnels underneath the city of Paris. It has been stated that many people have seen apparitions and even being touched. So this can be mentioned as a top haunted place on earth.

  • Ghost island of Hashima

It is an island in Hiroshima which was once populated by more than 5000 people. But after the 1970s the place was left with zero population and now it’s been more than four decades the place is left to elements. It is reported that people had heard strange voices and screams in this ghost town at night.

  • Aokigahara, Japan

Aokigahara is a haunted forest in Japan. Many suicides had been reported in this place, and it is also considered as a ghostly suicide point. Strange warning signboards saying ‘consult the police before you decide to die,’ ‘life is precious’ can be seeing at the entrance of this lonely forest.

  • Craco, Italy

This is an abandoned village in Italy and there was no any human activity reported since the 1960s after the villagers were moved to another place. It is said that this village had been cursed with immoral spirits.

  • Screaming tunnel- Ontario

This tunnel is situated in Canada and anyone who walks into this tunnel with a wooden match can hear a girl screaming. The story behind this is that hundreds of years ago a girl hid inside this tunnel to escape the rage of her drunken father and people say that the soul of this kid still remains in the tunnel and screams if someone comes inside it with a wooden match.

  • Dadipark- Belgium

This beautiful park was opened in 1950 and was a tourist attraction for more than 50 years. But in the year 2000, a boy who visited here lost his arm and it eventually lost visitors which was later closed on 2002 which is now one of the most haunted places on the planet.

  • Willard Asylum- New York

This creepy asylum was built in 1869 and had the capacity to give shelter to more than 4000 patients at once. More than 50,000 deaths had been reported here in which only a minority were natural deaths.This place is out of human activity now and there is no doubt that this is one of the scariest buildings on earth.

  • HighgateCemetry- North London

Every cemetery is scary, but what makes this graveyard special is that many incidents including floating phantom of a nun, an old woman looking for her children and people vanishing into the air were reported seeing here at night times.

  • Underwater city- China

It is situated in Shicheng, China which is more than 1,400 years old and this is submerged under the Qiandaolake and is one of the scariest places on earth.

  • Wonderland amusement park- Beijing

This massive unfinished building is located in China which was stopped due to a disagreement between local governments. Since then, despite a few no one enters this haunted park.



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