Your toddler throwing lots of Tantrum? Well, that’s a good sign! Here are the best reasons you should know!

Parenting is both heaven and hell phase, where you face lots of good and bad things. Being parents, you just not have to handle a kid but also bare their tantrums. Sometimes you tolerate their behavior, sometimes you not and you react which is wrong. Your kid is going through a most sensitive life phase where you play a role, let them learn the good and bad side of everything. However, lots of parents complain that their kid is throwing lots of tantrum and they have no idea how to deal with it. Well, do you know tantrums are actually a good sign which keeps your kid healthy and emotionally stable?  If not then there are lots of things you need to understand! Well, no worry! Here is everything that you should know.

#1 Cry better, sleep better

As per experts, our body reacts when we are in extreme stress and mostly it affects sleep. Same thing happens with kids when they can’t express what they are feeling and they end up with less sleep. So let your kid cry as much as they want, it will help them to sleep comfortably instead of bottle up in emotions.

# 2 Tantrums create a safe blanket

Believe it or not but it does create a sense of safety inside your little devil’s head.  Tantrums show what your kid is feeling or thinking about the situation, and in return, they want reactions from you. Your correct reaction will make them feel to share their feelings with you, not just now but for the rest of the life.

#3 There is no ‘tantrum show’ outside

Well, every parent loves their kids however when they start crying and throwing hands and legs in the middle of a supermarket to buy something is not what parents like usually. Most of the time parents scold their kids or get angry on them if not that then they let them buy whatever they want. Both are wrong, stand firm with your NO answer as it’s not wrong to deny something but don’t get too harsh.

According to experts, if your kid throws tantrum inside your home then they will less chance to do such things outside. The hidden secret is, kids only choose those places where they think you will listen to them.

#4 Tantrums work as healer, for both of you

As you know, you were also in the same place at one phase of your life. You know the feeling well that your kid is going through. Also, you have some memories of yours as well which may be bitter or not so happy. Treating your kids better helps you to heal yourself from all those memories. Treat your kid as same as you wanted to be treated when you were a kid. This helps your brain to relax, happy and calm. Not just that, it brings you and your kid together, and create a strong bond of love and safety.

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