Do you think ‘Annabelle’ is only doll that can haunt you forever! Then you should read these!!

If you think Annabelle is scariest and haunted doll in the world, then you are wrong! The world is full of such things which can make you scared to death. However, the conjuring fame  Annabelle get a chance to come in the limelight but there are so many haunted dolls that are kept far away from human reach. Annabelle was not only a powerful possessed doll that can ruin humans live forever, history has numbers of examples that can do more damages than the conjuring fame doll. For knowing better, here are the listed most haunted and scariest dolls than you ever know!

#1 Amanda

Amanda was actually once up for the auction on eBay, however now this doll is kept safe in Atlanta with paranormal investigators. According to the buyers, after buying Amanda from the auction they have faced lots of scary experiences. They reported that Amanda moves freely and causes horrible accidents.

#2 Peggy

Okay, do you believe that a doll can affect you via video? Well, Peggy can do that! A paranormal investigator named Jayne Harris posted Peggy’s video on the website, after watching the video different people reported that they have been suffering from a headache and anxiety. Well,  the video is still available on internet but do watch at your own risk!

#3 Singapore doll

As according to the last owner, this doll can move anywhere at its own free will! not just that, the doll haunts the owner and other people. Singapore doll was found dumped and blindfolded on the roadside.  When the investigator asked the owner about the blindfold, he replied that he didn’t want to let the doll find a way to come back his home that’s why he covered her eyes.

#4 Mandy

one of the most haunted doll in back 1910 year, the doll was donated to British Columbia situated museum by her owner as she was fed up with all terrifying accidents. She also said that the doll cries all the time, and her ghostly crying doesn’t let anyone do anything. But even After putting mandy on display, she didn’t stop trying people scare with her ghostly activities. The employees of Quesnel museum also reported that mandy disappears their food and office supplies.

#5 okiku

History says the okiku holds a spirit of a girl who died because of cold.  The doll is possessed by that little girl’s spirit, and also the okiku is wearing her kimono. The most horrifying thing about okiko is her hair which grows long after the incidents.  The science says that the hair of doll matches with the dead girl whose spirit is captured in the doll.



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