Things We Are Doing Wrong On Date

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so we thought to have something for you. If you are planning for a valentine’s Day date with your partner, then this article is a must read. I am sure you all are willing to give your best, and would not like any disaster due to your silly mistakes. So, here we are.. to guide you, to give you tips and help you with things that might go wrong on your date. Check these 5 things you are doing wrong on date only on WheeBuzz.

Bad Breath

This gives far more negative impact than anything else. It is one of the most unavoidable things that you forget to take care of on your big day. Be it your boyfriend or your girlfriend, they will not like your bad breath at all. Make sure to check this before you walk out of home. Chewing mints help. Also, if you have yellow teeth, this also leaves an unpleasant essence, so take a dentist appointment before the big date if you have yellow teeth.

Unkempt beard and hair

I think, when it comes to appearance, beard and hair are the first things a girl notices about a man. For men, it is a very natural fashion and grooming fact to have a good and proper beard and hair. And, if you are clean shaven, it looks equally classy. I wonder if clean shaven will ever get out of fashion. Anyway, unkempt beard and hair are actually hated by girls. You can visit saloon once before your big date, if you can not decide what hair and beard style would suit you.

Body odour

Okay, this is generally not neglected, I agree but you must have proper sense of about odour related to your gender. Any gender, especially girls never like any guy with kid-sense of odours. Now, some guys I see hardly care about how they smell. Dude, don’t you take this point any light. Even an absence of odour isn’t good taste for some girls.

Avoiding eye contact

Most people avoid eye contact on dates, Or they make eye contact for milliseconds. This shows the lack of confidence in the person. Not being confident is not a pleasant thing for your partner. On the other hand, making eye contacts is advisable. It turns out to be quite helpful. According to an English survey, making eye contacts turns two people closer.

Talking your things only

This is something we generally ignore, or we tend to ignore. Nobody is interested in a guy or girl who keeps talking about their own things, telling their own stories only, and is not willing to hear the other side. This hampers the conversation, and renders it like a one-person thing. What is more advised is that you should listen to other person more. Cracking a joke, in between is also helpful, but you need to make sure that the joke must not bounce hollow.PS- Everybody is looking for a natural person to date. So be yourself.



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