Things that are not used for what they were meant for

Life is full of surprises, and so most of the inventions also end up as surprises. While some inventions or discoveries end up being magnanimous and renowned, some tend to become a complete flop. Here are few inventions that initially became flop but when remarketed as a different product, became a huge success. Some of these products are being used by people in a wholly different and funny way. Look at these products and the amazing way in which they are used.


Cellucotton was introduced during World War 1 for surgical dressing purpose, but after the war also the product got an entirely new usage apart from being used as a means of treating battle wounds. The red cross nurses found that this superabsorbent material can be used as a good means for personal hygiene products and after the war, the cellucotton pads were widely marketed in the form of sanitary pads and napkins for women.


Viagra tablets were initially introduced as a treatment of angina, hypertension and heart diseases. However, the drug could not treat these disorders and then was used widely for males have penile dysfunctions. After this differentiated usage, the product became quite successful within few days. The sales per year of this drug are around $1.9 billion in a year.


The famous soft-drink coca cola was not introduced as a soft-drink. Actually, it was invented as a way to retrieve people from morphine addiction and also as a treatment for a headache and anxiety. It was first named as French wine coca, and then the recipe was sweetened, carbonated and marketed as soda.

Bubble Wrap

The popular bubble wrap which most of us have played with, which comes as a protective layer of packaging was earlier designed for being wallpaper. Imagine breaking the bubbles of the bubble wrap on the walls.

The product was designed as wallpaper by Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957. However, the idea failed considerably and then in 1959 got its new vision of marketing.

Post-It Notes

In 1968, Spencer Silver was in desperately working to create adhesives for the aerospace industry. While he was working to touch the skies, his invention failed severely, and then he ended up making a weak and pressure-sensitive adhesive. This product is now used widely as stick me or post it notes in offices. Though Spencer could not reach the skies, at least he could reach the office desks.

Kraft Glue

Initially designed as a wound healer, this product is now used as adhesive. Imagine using the glue to do dental implants.

High Heels

The heels which are used by models and movie stars as a style statement was earlier invented for Persian soldiers to give the cavalry soldiers more stability during the war. But that idea did not work, but certainly is a blessing for models with low height.

Chainsaws were developed as a tool for cutting bones during operations.

Canadian Medical Association Journal had designed chainsaws to cut bones during operations. However, now we use it to cut wood and other hard substances. Imagine a big saw running on your bone.

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