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They Were Considered The World’s Most Beautiful Twins, Just Take A Look At Them Now

You surely must have seen photos of these twins somewhere. They were regarded at one time as the world’s most beautiful twins and received many modelling assignments even when they were babies. Now they are 8 and they look as beautiful as ever.

WheeBuzz shows you what the Clements twins look like now

Several offers came their way

In June 2010 Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements were born and many offers from different places of the world have been sent to them after their mom posted their photos on social media.

For dealing with this level of interest, Jaci Clements, their mum had even set up her own modelling agency.

Several fashion agencies wanted the babies as models

The Clements’s twins have now become 8 years old and have been considered to be the most beautiful twins in the world. There are hundreds of fashion agencies that want to hire them as models. They have more than a million followers on their own Instagram account.

They were managed by their mom

Their mom has said that the twins love to fit in photo shoots between their school and dance classes and they love to model and perform in front of cameras for each other. The above picture is the twins aged 7.

They received a lot of attention

Although these girls love their modelling life and the attention given to them, their mum Jaci said that she struggles when people pass negative comments on the girls.

The girls enjoy it, their mom says


Jaci, their mother has said that many people have told her that her children look sad and that she was not allowing them to live their childhood.

But she stated that people who can make such remarks would obviously know about their hobbies, family and friends and what would make them happy. They never thought in a way that maybe if the twins enjoyed modelling. The girls really do enjoy photo shoots, etc.

Their mom keeps away the money makers

The world of modelling can be hard as there are many fake agencies that just want to make cash from these kids. Their mom even shared that by watching this side of the fashion industry, she is pretty upset, stressed and mind boggled by it.

She advises other people who are interested in the fashion industry that they should do some research before diving right into it. She even said that you should always follow your hunch if you think something is not right.

They also have a brother who is a model

The girls even have an elder brother Chase who is also a model works with his sisters in photo shoots along with their family as well. Here is chase with his sisters.

Their mom shares something funny about AVA

“Here’s a funny fact about her! When the girls were a little over 2 years old and I was putting on their leotards for ballet class, Ava started to cry. When I asked her what was wrong she told me she didn’t want to wear one of Leah’s “Leahtards”… she wanted her OWN “Avatard” 😂 Things haven’t changed much 6 years later.

There is no doubt that these two girls are going to grow up as famous supermodels one day in the modelling industry.


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Written by Andrew Alpin

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