These Popular Foods Combinations Can Be Dangerous for Your Health

Combining foods with other foods to get a better dish or simply to have a feast is not always a good idea, as some food combinations can be rather harmful for your body. For instance, everyone knows that drinking soda while eating beans is a terrible idea. Besides soda and beans, there is various food combinations that can make you fall sick and can ruin your digestion system.

Knowing which food combinations are okay and what food combinations you should avoid, is highly beneficial in regards to your health. Hence, WheeBuzz brings you  7 food combinations you should avoid at all cost:

1. Sandwich and Coffee

The morning rush often leaves you with little to no choice when it comes to breakfast. Most of the time the only solution is a quick breakfast which frequently involves a cheese sandwich along with coffee. In this combinations all the healthy properties of cheese are lost, while the simple carbs contained in bread prevent the body from digesting calcium properly, thereby denying its benefits to your cardiovascular and nervous systems. Furthermore, if it’s instant coffee then there is sure to be zero health benefits.

Here’s a tip: Instead of drinking coffee, substitute it with white or green tea if you love eating cheese sandwiches for breakfast.

2. Cucumbers and Tomatoes

While cucumbers and tomatoes go well in salads, this combination according to the latest research might have a negative impact on your body’s biochemical pathways. First off the vitamins contained in both these vegetables will not be digested properly. Also, excessive calcination and swelling will result from such a combination.

Here’s a tip: Do not eat cucumbers and tomatoes together in the same salad. Try eating a salad containing cucumbers on one day and a salad with tomatoes on another day.

3. Meat and Potatoes

Meat combined with potatoes such as steak and fries is a very heavy food combination. Digesting them requires different juices like alkalotic digestive fluids are required for digesting the starch from potatoes whereas acidic fluids are needed to digest the protein from meat. Eating them together can make it tough for your digestive system to function properly resulting in causing you gas, heartburn, belching, and other symptoms.

Here’s a tip: If you want to have a side dish that pairs well with meat, consider non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, green beans, or cauliflower.

4. Minced Meat and Pasta

Similar to meat and potatoes, pasta along with minced meat is a heavy combination. The starch carbs in pasta get converted into simple sugars by amylase and ptyalin, which is produced from the salivary glands. When this simple sugar is coupled with protein from meat it can lead to the formation of a potentially dangerous chemical mixture that can cause CVDs and diabetes.

Here’s a tip: Eat pasta and minced meat separately, preferably not at the same time either. It would also be better to eat pasta made from durum wheat and combined with herb sauces.

5. Nuts and Beer

In college, the most popular choice of food to munch on that went along well with beer, were salted nuts. But, you never knew that foods like salty nuts contain a lot of salt which results in dehydration, in turn, making you crave more beer, which is quite an unhealthy feat.

Here’s a tip: Drink alcohol while keeping soda or water at standby in case you get dehydrated.

6. Pineapple and Dairy

Eating sour fruits first thing in the morning can slow down digestion. Consuming dairy products along with pineapple may lead to intoxication caused by an enzymic complex from the bromelain contained in pineapple.

Here’s a tip: If you want to eat dairy products along with fruits, then try eating fruits like plums or apricots.

7. Banana and Milk

Fitness and health enthusiasts prize banana and milk as a healthy food couple since it is both nourishing and simple to prepare. But, it is the opinion of nutritionists that sweet fruits should not be consumed together with milk. If eaten together they tend to remain within the body and hinder the digestive process by making it slower and more so when consumed with other foods also. In fact, it would be healthier to drink milk and eat bananas separately.

Here’s a tip: Eat bananas between major meals, as a simple snack.

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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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