These Places Refused to Change With Time and Remained Eternal

Dynamic beauty, everlasting structure and killing attraction.. what else do you find in a building? Probably nothing. But if this all adds up with essence of eternity, the building becomes a diamond. Thankfully, the world has a number of structures which are beautiful, attractive and eternal.

WheeBuzz brings your the list the monuments and buildings who refused to change with time and stand out as beautiful as ever.

Gymnasium (Germany)

This is not a museum, as most of you may think after seeing the building. Gymnasium is something deals with education. It is a German education system kind of thing. Well, the point is the building remains same between the year. Hard to imagine this when Germany has undergone two world wars.

St. Matthew Evangelical Church (Poland)

The church witnesses the age old essence of the time of its construction. It is also famous as it’s construction was hindered by the World War 1, and later completed in the year 1928. St. Matthew Evangelical Church is one of the popular structures who remains almost the same from their construction.

Horse Cart and steam locomotive, Mont Saint-Michel (France)

This one is also a beautiful example of wonderful architecture. Both photos are looking like they are taken at the same time, and their time difference is huge. It is quite an old monument traces back its construction in 8th century. It is really really hard to tell some literal Chang in the monument.

Seljestadjuvet (Norway)

Natural things ain’t change. Above pic clearly shows the same feature except some. The earlier pic was taken in the year 1887 and the next one was in 2004. I am glad that at least some natural beauties are untouched by humans and remained the same till date.

Moulin Rouge (France)

Would you call a Little modification in the front a change? Well, I wouldn’t. This french cabaret is a major attraction for many from all over the world. It was opened in the year 1889. And, with very modification. The Guinness book of records also has quoted about the dancers of Moulin Rouge.

Palais Im GroBen Garten (Germany)

This one is really epic. Can you see the exact same building stands out saying I am still the same? This one is really a piece of true architect in Germany which saw almost no difference even in a century.

Lodz (Poland)

The former Polish textile manufacturing hub hasn’t gone much change in years. It’s manufacturers in the nineteenth century were a major attraction for the whole world. In the above picture, I do not thinking one can’t see any difference literally, than obviously the cars moving around.

There may be more some structures, buildings and places who do not change with time. We feel happy about the fact that some things just don’t fade away with time. Same is the case with these buildings.

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