These Are The Most Expensive Cities For Expats

Hong Kong at evening

If you are living in a place which you are not native to or you do not belong there originally, then your living in that place is super expensive. No, we were not saying this. This is revealed by a new study on expats and the cities living. This is going to be an interesting topic to read about. Without wasting time, let us check out the most expensive cities for expats. Here is the full article, read it only on WheeBuzz

1. Hong Kong

As per the Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends Reports, Hong Kong has yet again rules out every city and becomes number one city in terms of being expensive for expats. The city with arguably the most beautiful and elegant skyline is a home to a lot of Corporate work and others. It gives employment to a huge number of persons from all across the globe. It is obvious that such a city would be expensive.

2. Tokyo

The city of Tokyo is one of the busiest cities in not just Asia, but in the world. It is one of the most expensive cities for expats as well, as per new study, making it to the second spot on the list. Most people know Tokyo as a disciplined city that is magically humble. Had you ever thought about the city being one of the most expensive cities for expats? Probably no.

3. Singapore

A yet another Asian city in the list that makes it hard for expats to live in the place where they are not native to. The city of Singapore is one of the most globally active and business oriented cities on the planet that cater a widespread business chain. This is elegantly enticing for its visitors and is one of the most visited cities on the planet.

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Ever wondered why Asia is ruling in having the most number of cities in the world that are considered most expensive for expats? Well, the reason is something vague for all of us but anyway. Seoul, the South Korean capital city has become the fourth most expensive cities for expats as per the new study. Most people would have never thought about Seoul being this expensive, but it is.

5. Zurich

Zurich is a city in Switzerland and is one of the most advanced cities especially in education as well as business. This is probably why this city is the fourth most expensive city for expats. It has people from all around the globe. Be it for educational purposes, or for Corporate jobs or other. It is quite obvious for a city like Zurich to be this expensive for expats, right?

6. Shanghai

You must be wondering where is the Chinese tech hub? So the fifth Asian city in overall six. Shanghai is a well active city in global arena. You can expect it to be super expensive for expats and in general as well. Another city or China Beijing is not immune to high living cost and is eighth in the position.



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