The World’s Hottest Grandmother Was Banned From Instagram for Extra Hot Photo

They say age is just a number, that’s very true when you see people like Gina Stewart from Australia who holds the social media title of the world’s hottest grandmother. That word itself conjures up images of old ladies putting kids to sleep, sitting on a porch doing crosswords. Gina instead will toss that concept out of your mind once you see the photos of her, some of which have been even banned by Instagram for flouting its policies.

WheeBuzz, reveals why the world’s hottest grandmother is having issues with Instagram

The grandma of lingerie

Instead of the neck warmers, cardigans and horlicks, one woman has broken the stereotype of grandma and is sizzling on Instagram with plunging V necks and naughty lingerie. It’s Gina Stewart who is 48 years old and hails from the Gold Coast, Australia. She is a mother of four and grandmother of one, can you believe that? And she looks like this.

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Gina isn’t the type of grandma who would be sitting in front of a fire dishing our boiled sweets. She is the fire as she is sizzling hot and will give any hot model a run for her money.

She became famous after making it to the finals of Maxim’s Finest Australia contest and proves that to be an influencer on social media, age is just a number

But why did she get banned from Instagram?

According to Instagram, Gina’s photos were too hot for the platform to handle and was supposed to be going against community standards. However, when Gina shared this same pic on twitter, the platform obliged.

According to Gina “Yes, Instagram removed it because it said it did not comply with their guidelines. But the guidelines say no nipple, and nipples were not being shown in the picture, so I have asked Instagram to please repost it. It’s only a naked side shot and my hair is covering me.” 

She is a big hit on Instagram and Twitter

Instagram hasn’t obliged Gina, but who cares because her fans get a lot of her. Gina has a massive following on the social platform up to the tune of 115K followers and she obliges her fans with hot and sizzling photos of herself. While young women keep worrying about getting older, this granny is in the least bothered about it and proves, you can look hot and beautiful if you want to.

Gina Stewart got her title as the world’s hottest grandmother after nearly winning the Maxim contest beating many girls half her age. Here is Gina with her daughter Casey.

Gina says she does not use Botox or fillers for her facial looks. She admitted to having breast implants 10 years ago

Gina has more than 200 posts on Instagram

Gina looks stunning in all of her Instagram posts where she has posted almost 200 pics. Although all her posts are a bit provocative, the banned picture took things too far but her fans aren’t complaining. However, the world’s hottest grandma has some competition

Gina’s competition

There is a 36-year-old Kickboxer named Carrie Hilton from the UK who is challenging Stewart’s title as the world’s hottest grandmom because she too calls herself glamorous gran and has now collected almost 25k followers on Instagram. Stewart feels that Carrie is gorgeous but she will have to fight for the title.

Gina’s motto for women

Stewart has one motto for herself which she says she would love to share with other women. For her

“Life is too short for judgment. Embrace your age and your curves, it never killed anyone.”

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