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Nothing much to say today, but read out these cute, amazing and unique facts from WheeBuzz that you never knew before.

How Dumbledore of Harry Potter agreed to the role


Harry Potter is probably the best and most popular children thing. From magic to thrill the movie has everything. But have you ever wondered How did Dumbledore of Harry Potter agreed to do the role? Well the story behind it is quite interesting. He accepted the role because his 11 year old granddaughter said that she would never speak to him if he does not agree for the role. Lovable grandpa Richard Harris immediately agreed for the role.

Last surviving soldier of World War 1

Harry Patch is known to be the last surviving soldier of the first World War (1914-1919). He was a British soldier and considered as the oldest European man in the continent. He has also written a book called ‘The last fighting Tommy’.


Strangely, he died at the age of 111 years, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day. It is truly a strange thing isn’t it?

Women wore shorts for the first time and caused accident


Well, the shorts that we feel cool about, not just after wearing but also just checking some other has not been in use since centuries. For the first time, two women wore shorts in the year 1937. Obviously, they attracted every single eye. A huge male attention, that also caused an accident. Well the history of shorts can be traced with this.

The most superstitious president in the history of United States

Well, that might sound strange but Franklin Roosevelt would never come back to home on Fridays. Yes, the renowned and one of the most popular leaders of the World never came back home on any of the Fridays. He believed in superstition. He is one of the three leaders because of whom we have United Nation Organisation today. But, this never coming home on Fridays makes him the most superstitious United States president ever.

Students in Japan are luckier. Read out to know


Well, students are luckier in Japan because of their good. They don’t have to take any exam till the age of ten. Because there is a general belief that a child first develops his or her character and learn manners. Manners before knowledge is the motive. This is cool , for sure.

If you have a friend for seven years, you are likely to be friends forever

Well, that is not any research or any stated statement from any leader. But this is a psychological fact. In this friendly world, we often have some people for around sever years. Well, they probably remain to be friends forever. Is it not a good thing to know? Well, for most of us, it is.

An Ant never sleeps

Well we all need, including animals and insects, sleep. We all have heard that how ant is used in motivation quotes that it can carry heavier thing than its weight, and most other stuff. But do you know that an ant never sleeps? For the ones who do not, this is really surprising.

Sumer is the oldest civilization

We often believe that Egyptian, Indus valley, and Sumer are the earliest civilisation of the World. But the oldest of them is Sumer in Mesopotamia. Strangely, the invention of writing also happened in Sumer.

Statue of Liberty is actually a French model and not United States one

Well, this can surprise you because seeing the new York beauty, nobody can assume that this is not a USA model, but a french. The state of Liberty is actually modelled by a french named F A Bartholdi and then it was gifted to USA.


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