The Time When an Indian Farmer Released 40 Snakes onto Corrupted Tax Officials in Lucknow

Speak about weird protests!  Greenpeace could learn a thing or two on innovation to shock corrupted and lazy officials into action. This story occurred in December 2011. We at WheeBuzz dug it up to bring it to you.

Farmers release snakes onto tax officials

In a bizarre turn of events in a village of Uttar Pradesh, India,  two farmers dumped three sacks of 40 slimy Snakes Released on Tax Department Officers in the government tax office that sent officials clambering atop chairs and desks frightened and screaming for help. Their reason? Corruption and alleged bribery demands.

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The slimy drama unfolded in a village called Basti, in the vicinity of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.  Hukkul Khan and Ramkul Khan both farmers by profession had applied for land in the neighboring Naharpur village.  Repeated requests for status updates and records went unanswered. Demands to see their files and information about the process led to them being turned away each time.  Instead as alleged by Hukkul a practicing snake charmer, there were repeated demands for bribes by the officials of the revenue department.

Hukkul said he was Promised Land for cultivation

Hukkul also claimed he was Promised Land for cultivation and for his snakes by a senior district magistrate two years ago. He also claimed that he had written a letter to the president in the capacity of an environmental conservationist for land to keep his snakes. According to him, the revenue department had knowledge of this and was asked to proceed towards processing the same. Instead, both Hukkul and Ramkul were harassed into drastic action.

He released forty snakes onto the officials

A frustrated Hukkul in a unique form of protest released 40 snakes of varying sizes both poisonous and nonpoisonous in nature. Among the Snakes Released were deadly poisonous cobras that sent tax officials in a mad rush for safety, some standing atop their own desks shouting and inciting juniors to thrash the snakes. Somehow one can’t help observing the sight as an apt theme for a Bollywood film scenario. The scene with its comical overtones found snakes hissing and slithering up desks and chairs with tax officials resorting to kicks and files used as missiles to keep them at bay.

The event drew hundreds of spectators

Hundreds of villagers gathered outside the office, some amused and some armed with sticks and weapons inciting and urging the occupants inside to kill the snakes. The protest of snakes released on tax department officers was unethical and criminal declared Subhash Mani Tripathi the head of the land revenue administration. He also stated that if Hukkul had been facing a problem, he should have stated it in writing instead of resorting to such a dangerous protest. Hukkul in retaliation declared that as he had no place to keep his snakes, it was the correct thing to do by handing them over to the tax department.

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Angry man unleashes snakes in Indian tax office

Hakkul, an unhappy snake charmer in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, unleashed his reptiles in a Harraiya tax office in protest against alleged demands for bribes from officials. Report by Daniel Smith. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

The snakes released on officials as a protest had come in the wake of a series of corruption claims made against several tax and revenue officials at the time in rural India. Large-scale protests favored the creation of an ombudsman to investigate genuine claims against politicians and taxmen alike. In the same year in 2011 in rural Bihar,  innovative use of videos recording allegations made by bribe victims of land and housing schemes in rural areas led to over 11000 cases where at least 72 officials were indicted on verified charges and jailed.

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