The Terrifying True Story That Inspired ‘Veronica’ Is Even Scarier Than The Movie

Netflix has hit a jackpot with the exclusive release of the horror movie Veronica which is based upon the true life events of a Spanish girl in late 1990s Madrid.

WheeBuzz brings you the true story behind the horror film Veronica

A horror feast for all horror flick lovers

This movie is a feast for all the horror fans as it has all the ingredients which would give them the creeps and the goosebumps for at least a week if not more. This is a story of the real Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro death mystery, which deals about her demonic possessions and various tortures endured by her for months because she summoned the devil using the Ouija board and performed a séance thus creating path for her own misery.

Veronica is enshrouded in mystery

Although as all real life haunting cases are concerned across the world and time, even this one is shrouded with its own mysteries and speculations. If the local police authority and the family are to be believed, this is the most solid paranormal horror incident in which a successful conjuring of a demon from the other side was achieved and had its devastating effects for the world to see.

Whatever might be the fact, but the fans all across the world are fawning over this movie and have already established Veronica to be scariest movies on Netflix.

Gutierrez’s Occult Interests Turned Deadly

Estefania was just an average teenager from the suburbs of Vallecas, South Madrid, who dabbled in  occult which was a fad amongst most of her high school friends, in fact her parents went on to say that she was just fooling around with all these scary spooky stuff which in reality was extremely deadly and claimed her life eventually. According to their version, she was performing a séance in her school unbeknownst of its true danger and trying to conjure the spirit of the ex-boyfriend of one of her friend who died in a motor cycle accident.

She Suffered From Hallucinations

The damage was already done once that séance was performed as immediately after that episode she started experiencing incidences such as hallucinations. She claimed that she could see unearthly creatures walking through walls all across the house and shortly after that she started having serious seizures. These seizures gradually elongated in duration and turned in to full blown manic fits when she used to lose all her normal sensibilities and turn animalistic and bark at her siblings. She was taken to several doctors and specialists to “cure” her but apparently she had no mental or physical anomaly which could be pin pointed. She was a healthy teenager both physically as well as mentally but obviously something was horrible wrong was happening to her.

It Took A Year For Police To Get Involved

Unlike the dramatic depiction in the movie in which the police arrives almost immediately after a frantic 9-1-1- call by the family, in real story it took almost one whole year for the police to get actively involved in this case. In fact the tragedy had already struck and the Estefania was dead when the Gutierrez’s reached out to the local authorities. But a lot was to be unearthed by the police themselves as they too experienced a lot of paranormal activities during their investigations. The officers who were in charge of inspecting the house claimed they heard loud banging noises coming from an apparently empty room, also the most unnerving incident which they all saw was the sudden and unnatural way of opening of a perfectly closed armoire.

Gutierrez’s Death Took Half A Year

Again unlike the dramatic depiction of the death of the victim in just a matter of three days in Veronica, real Estefania had a ghastly and miserably slow death which took almost six months! All this while she was suffering continuous seizures and deadly hallucinations and after suffering these horrid tortures for nearly six months she passed away in the middle of the night in her bed. So far it has not been established what actually caused her death but her parents are absolutely sure of supernatural foul play. They believe her death could only be caused by something pure evil.

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VERONICA trailer | BFI London Film Festival 2017

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