The Most Popular Tweets, Enough To Make Your Day

In the new era of social media, tweets have become a favourite thing to talk about and in fact to share something also. There is a reason why some of the tweets have reached to millions. Though Twitter is used by a really vast sphere of personalities but the list is dominated by the showbiz rulers. After all, who follows politician stuff on twitter, right?

Today, WheeBuzz have come up with the most popular tweets that might have been missed by you. Take a look on some of the most popular tweets ever.

Harry Styles

Like I said, the list is dominated by showbiz people, Harry Styles is one of them. As we all know One direction lost its one of the loveliest members Zayn Malik when he announced that he was leaving the group. Styles tweeted this for fans to uplift. Zayn’s leaving was actually a big shock to One direction fans and a sad thing in music industry.

Barack Obama

One of the strongest leaders in the World geopolitics, Barack Obama has also been a Twitter user followed by many. When the Trump administration finally came, before that Barack had something to say to people of USA. Some perceived it as an emotional message. Well, it somehow was.

Ellen DeGeneres

One of the most popular lady on television Ellen DeGeneres has probably tweeted the most popular tweet. Needless to tell the speciality of the pic, it contains some of Hollywood’smost popular names such as Brad Pitt, Bradley cooper, Kevin Spacey, Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen herself and other really popular celebs. Within hours of tweet it become one of the most popular tweet in the history of Twitter.

Andrew Malcolm

Andrew Malcolm is a popular author from United Kingdom and he has been listed in the list for tweeting this which has been retweeted tremendously. Well, the dog he posted grabbed the love of people from all around the world. Surprisingly is it still retweeted by people. This made Andrew Malcolm one of the popular Twitter users.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson is a member of One Direction and in 2011 Louis posted something very cute and sweet for his fellow member Harry Styles. The bromance got much popular among the fans. 2011 was initial years of the band and soon as One direction grew popularity and place in their fans heart, this tweet has been circulating in the sphere. Well, the band is also known for the bromance of all the five members (one of them Zayn Malik is no more a member).

Barack Obama

If you ask me, it is the most adorable tweet, also because of the background story if you know. When Obama was re-elected in the year 2012, the staff posted this. One of the cutest pics to have ever uploaded over Twitter, the pic is primarily posted to embrace the First lady and guess what? That was a really happy day for both of them and for most people in the United States of America.



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