The Most Devastating Accidents In Sports Ever

Athletes are the ones who survive injuries on daily basis. Day to day injuries or tiny accidents are a common things to athletes but there are some of the accidents that have really shocked the world. They are not just tragic , but horrifying as well and in come cases that led to death also.

Today, WheeBuzz brings your the list of the most horrifying accidents in the history of sports.

Caleb Moore

This was a real extreme lost to the sports. Caleb Moore was a professional snowball racer from America who unfortunately died during the sport. Caleb had really impressive record before in the racing and his loss is undoubtedly a very big loss to the whole world and sports fans. There shall be no Caleb Moore again, for sure.

Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt, popularly known as the Intimidator was one of the greatest racers in the world of Formula 1 race, who in 2001 unfortunately died due to some complications with his car while driving the 2001 Dayton 500, NALSAR. The car, first tilted to its left and then to right and then lost control and collided. Dale couldn’t survive the events. Experts have termed this incident the death of the legend.

Ray Chapman

The incident is of the year 1920 when Ray Chapman, an American Professional Baseball sportsperson was hit by a ball. Ray belonged to Cleveland Indians and was playing against New York Yankees. He was unfortunately declared dead after 12 hours in a hospital. This incident changed the game of baseball forever by bringing many changes to the sports.

1994 Tour De France accident

This incident is one of the rarest accidents to have ever seen in the cycling sports. One of the most popular races on the planet came up with one of the spectacular accidents of all time.In Wilfried Nelissen, rider from Belgium, in order to get the first position accidently collided with a policeman, bringing four other drivers to collide. Fortunately they all were saved and had injuries only.

1972 Summer Olympics

The summer Olympics held in Munich, were overshadowed by a really tragic event. 8 Israeli were captured and held into hostage by a Palestinian group called ‘Black September’. Their demand was to release their 234 inmates from a prison in Israel.

Israel didn’t accept their proposal. Germany, the host country offered the group as much money as they want but they didn’t accept it. Eventually an attempt was made by Germany by sending snipers but something came up wrong and the militants fired on the snipers.

In the end all the Israeli athletes were killed and 5 of militants as well, 3 were captured. The games were suspended.

Nodar Kumartashvilli

The 2010 Olympic Vancouver started off with a really tragic start with the death of Nodar Kumartashvilli. The Georgian was believed to have a huge career ahead of him but unfortunately in a practice run, Nodar died. The security tried to save him but wewere unsuccessful in doing so.

This compelled the Olympic Vancouver authorities to rethink about the security issues.



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