The Most Addictive And Popular Games Of All Time

What are the most addictive and popular games? Can you guess? Well, some of the games are the most favourites as well. WheeBuzz, today, comes up with a some of the most popular, addictive and favourite games of all time.

I am sure most of you would agree that playing games is a really Common way of passing time. But here is a thing! One gets bored with certain games easily but some games, on the other hands makes people addictive.

10. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice City

Trying so hard to be unbiased, but this game is certainly listed in one of all time favourite games that I would never get bored of. Apparently, Grand Theft Auto has a history of making some of the most addictive games on this planet, Vice City is one of them. Having ratings of over 9 on every possible game portal, Vice city is recorded the fourth highest sold PS-2 Video game in the world.

9. Resident Evil IV

Another one which is super awesome to play is Resident evil IV. The game has been available for Wii, Microsoft Windows, Xbox and PlayStation 3. With no surprise, Resident Evil IV the game was among the greatest games of 2005 and was a very strong contender of ‘2005 Game of the year’.

8. Super Mario Bros.

Who would not have heard about this game? I mean really the game enjoys the memories of childhood is millions of kids all around the globe. Super Mario Bros is a great epitome of simple and strategical game which is enjoyed by kids. A 2012 report shows that 22 percent of the people who played this game as kids still plays it.

7. Tetris

I like the model of the game. You don’t need to push your brain to think too much. Tetris, having fantastic popularity continues to woo the game lovers at every corner of the world. If you ask people, I don’t think you would find many who haven’t heard of the game.

6. Pacman

A game which holds the historical record of being the fourth longest running video game franchise in the world, Pacman is an arcade game went viral at his time. We need to thank Japan for giving the world this game.

5. Halo

Halo game series is quite popular and is one of the greatest shooting games of all times, makes it fifth most addictive and popular games list. The publisher of the game Microsoft Studios and has a strong ground on Xbox, Windows Phone, iOS, Xbox 360 etc.

4. Call of duty

I can gaurantee that you will hate everyone who criticise this game. Well, it is a moral duty to list this as one of the most popular games of all the time.

Like Halo, it is a first-shooter game series that holds the record of selling around 275 million copies.

3. Need for Speed

The list can completed without our very own favourite Need for Speed game. What a game!! And what a pixels. Well this game fulfils the dream of driving some of the greatest supercars. With a number of version this game is like at the top of racing games.

2. Counterstrike

Ah what a game! It is one game that I would risk everything to play. From 1999 onwards to this day in 2018, Counterstrike has only evolved in more addictive ways. I am sure counterstrike lovers would want to keep their favourite game at the top.

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Firstly, the game is super amazing that you can’t ignore it at any cost, and secondly the game has sold huge amount of copies even since it has released. It wouldn’t be wrong to say it went viral at that time. Certainly a better, high class and more addictive game of GTA franchise.

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