The Laws You Just Can’t Believe

A country is modelled by laws and it is very important to have relevant laws as per the citizens. However, some countries have been legalising certain things that the World does not feel good about. Legalising gay marriages is one of them. Today we have come up with some of the most insane and unbelievable laws in some countries.

WheeBuzz brings you a mindboggling set of laws followed in some countries.

Legal to sell Kidney in Iran

How would you feel when someone tells you that the it is legal to sell a Kidney? I am not sure how would you feel but to me, this is an insane yet unique law in the Asian country Iran. Iran is a prominent in the middle-east Asia which is consistently growing up in global platforms. I am sure you wouldn’t believe this developing country having such a law.

You can roam naked in Spain because that’s legal

Spain is a European country which has its own importance in the World of football. Apart from that Spain is a major tourist attraction, having a huge arrangements for picnics.

But here is the thing. You can roam naked in Spain. Wow! Right. To some people it may be a matter of enjoyment but not for all surely.

Legal to fit a blaster in Car in South Africa

Isn’t it of another level? How can fitting a blaster in car be a legal thing? But this is what one of the South Africa law states. The country is located in the south of African continent and this is what implied from its name, but generally South Africa is more popular for 3-capital system and peace, and in this arena legalising something like that is something hard to understand.

Take as much as drugs in Portugal, it’s legal

Hey all the drug lovers and addict, this one goes for you folks. Well, in all serious sense Portugal is the first and only European country to curb all the penalties against drug.

The drug liberalisation was done in 2001 by Portugal and it was a big blow the world countries. Some people said it’s bad and not appropriate, while others just enjoyed and appreciated it.

Steal scriptures and paintings in Netherlands

Paintings and sculptures is almost everybody’s love. I understand the fact that art is beautiful and peaceful but how about stealing scriptures and paintings? May sound funny but in Netherlands you can do that and it is just not illegal. This probably gives relax to many people though.

How about run war tanks on English streets?

Yes, you read it right. In England you can run war tanks on the streets. That must sound strange because you must not see this thing commonly in any part or corner of the world. England has been a major part in important wars in the history and running war tanks on the streets can be a little extended version of that.

It is legal to inject heroine with the government help in Canada

In Canada you it is legal to inject heroine with the help of the Canadian government. It sounds pretty much the same as that of Portugal. Well as a law it is truly unbelievable.

Don’t worry to carry mini gun in America

Well You can carry mini gun in America without any hesitation as it is legal there. This is however not the scene in most of the countries all around the world, but this American law is hard to believe.

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Written by Jay Rajput

Jay Kumar is a passionate writer and Conversationalist. He is well versed with niches like sports, travel & tourism, entertainment, and news. He says his biggest hobby is enjoying living. He also likes and does a bit of poetry as well.

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