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The Images You See First Will Reveal Your Heart’s Innermost Desire

According to studies, people tend to interpret things that they see differently. They do so depending on their personalities. It’s usually the brain that picks what the most important thing to you first, even though your eyes may see everything. This particular test will reveal to you what you find most valuable.

WheeBuzz brings you this simple test to unravel your innermost desires, you don’t have to take it too seriously. But it may not be too bad to get a better understanding of yourself after all.

1. What did you see first?

If you happened to see a zebra before anything else in this picture, it implies that you have the personality of an extrovert. You seem to enjoy meeting new people, partying and trying out new things. You don’t exactly like following a routine or anything as such.

If you saw a lion, then your personality is that of an introvert. You prefer to bide your time alone or in the company of a loved one with a glass of your favorite drink, sitting back and just watching a few episodes of your favorite TV show or series.

2. What did you see first?

If you saw a lioness, it means that your personality is extremely strong. You are not going to allow anyone to stand in your way when you’re on to something.

Seeing a tree implies that you tend to be quiet at times, but you’re not shy. It’s just that you don’t need anyone’s approval to be who you are and you prefer it that way.

A fish would mean that you have a soft personality and that you are sensitive and have a caring heart. But you shouldn’t let other people take you for granted.

A gorilla says that you tend to strive for perfection and are a maximalist. Although, remember that being overly critical can hurt people at times.

3. What did you see first?

If you saw trees, it tells you that you are always ready and willing to experience new things. You have a bubbly personality and do not fear change. In fact, you love change.

Seeing a baby means that you prefer spending time by yourself, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s completely fine to not want to go out every time your friends call you to hang out.

If you did see a couple first, it indicates that while you love your friends, you do not exactly like big groups and parties. You probably would do absolutely anything for your few close friends who mean the world to you.

4. What did you see first?

A tiger suggests that your mind is very strong and upon making a decision, nothing will leave you doubting or having second thoughts on whether it was the right one. There is a saying “don’t trouble the trouble if the trouble does not trouble you”.

Trees say that your intuition is superb and you can trust it to always be right. You like to spend quiet time doing nothing and have a laid-back personality.

5. What did you see first?

Seeing a face means that you like things organized and in order. You like things to be well-planned and you feel safe and comfortable when you have the knowledge of what is likely to happen, today, tomorrow, the next week, or even the next month.

Seeing trees means you’re spontaneous and are ever ready to explore new places with your endless amazing energy. You are not going to spend 2 days doing the exact same things.

6. What did you see first?

If you saw a face again, then you know that big and noisy parties aren’t meant for you. It’s because you find it physically exhausting and emotionally draining to be in a large group for too long.

A saxophonist tells you that you always find it necessary to be the centre of every party, implying that you are a social butterfly. This is why everyone wants to be your friend. However, a break to recharge yourself every once in a while is good.

7. What did you see first?

If you noticed 2 figures first, you tend to be competitive in everything you do. You have to be the best in whatever it is and while it’s good to have high goals, just remember to take some time off to rest every now and then.

If it is a face you saw, then you are a very approachable person who is easy to talk to, sincerely caring and understanding, and very down to earth.


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Written by Andrew Alpin

Andrew Kevin Alpin is a senior content specialist from Kolkata, India. With a passion for writing from a very young age, he has 8 years of experience in content writing behind him. Apart from being well versed in several niches, Andrew’s forte is social media stories, news, health, fitness, parenting, entertainment, literature, philosophy, travel and food. With a penchant for writing poetry, he has also published a collection of poems written over years titled “Thy will be Done”. Andrew’s interests include reading, music and collecting occult and spiritual books.

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