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The Deadliest Shark Attack Stories, Which You Can Imagine Only In Nightmares

Sharks are known for their brutality and ruthlessness. The victims who survived told some of the most horrifying stories about the shark attacks they faced. There are a number of species of sharks and only few of them are dangerous or man-eaters. The most dangerous sharks include The Great White shark, Tiger shark, bull shark etc.

WheeBuzz, today, brings you some of the deadliest attacks to human that you can never imagine even in nightmares.

Robert Pamperin & Gerald Learner

This is one of the most horrifying stories of shark attack. The attack was on Robert Pamperin, a diver and his friend Gerald Learner was a diving partner. The case is of 1959. The two went to swim off the San Diego coast. After few time and swimming about 15 meters, Gerald heard a voice “Help me!”. The voice was of Robert who was asking for help. Gerald went to his friend and identified there was a shark. Gerald noticed from a distance that his friend’s half body was inside the Shark mouth. He immediately informed the life guards but unfortunately he wasn’t saved.

Henri Bource

Henri Bource and two of his friends went for a swim in the year 1964. He was fond of photography so carries camera with him.

They were playing with some seals near Australia in water. Things were going fine, but soon Henri’s leg was bitten by a Great White shark and trouble started happening. The partners saw Henri screaming for help.

Henri had managed to come out of this attack by gouging the shark’s eyes and jamming shark’s throat. This attack is deemed as one of the most remarkable shark attacks which inspired a documentary.

Barry Wilson

Renowned as the first ever victim of shark attack in the state of California, Barry Wilson’s attack was witnessed by a number of people. December 7, 1952 was the tragic day in his life when it all happened. According to a witness of the attack, he suddenly started moving zigzag and screamed for help. Few moments later he disappeared from the ocean and then reappeared again with only his bloodied hands out of the water. His friends were successful in getting him out of the water but unfortunately he had died before.

Rodney Fox

A yet another survivor of The Great White shark, Rodney Fox is known as a miracle survivor of a really non-fatal shark attack.

Rodney Fox was defending his spearfishing title in 1963 when he was severely attacked by a Great White shark. The attack led Rodney’s abdomen expose, ribs broken and other severe damages.

But surprisingly, he survived miraculously after four hours of surgery and 360 stitches.

Achmat Hassiem

Paralympic swimmer from South Africa was also a victim of Shark attack. He and his brother Tariq were training. Tariq was playing like he was attacked by the shark, Achmat saw a Great White shark coming to him and he immediately splashed in order to divert Shark’s attention on him. He, then ran, but the shark attacked his legs. Fortunately he managed to get out of the water where he was taken to hospital and made a recovery.

Sean Pollard

Sean Pollard is a swimmer and diver from Australia. He is also a Paralympian. The story of Sean Pollard is terrible. He was, one day diving and he was hit by something, later he found it was Shark.

He was struggling with the shark but another Great White shark approached and he managed to save his life from both of them, but it costed him his arm.



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