Tallest Female Models In The World

Height is usually a very bright criteria and asset of a human. Almost everybody in their childhood try to seek a good height. I mean, not many people like short height. But, height is not always amazing, especially when it actually exceeds the normal one. Some people call it gigantism. Today we bring you the tallest models in the World. Check the list only here on WheeBuzz

Amazon Eve – 2.01m

In all around the world, Amazon Eve is popular for not only the tallest model, but also being the tallest and beautiful model. 201 cm height is huge height for a female model, at least. But as they say, No height is good or bad, everybody is beautiful as the way they are. Apart from being a model, she is also a fitness trainer and an actress. The 39 years old American national has done numerous films. In more common way, Amazon Eve is 6’8” tall.

Karlie Kloss – 1.88m

1.88m or 6’2” is a wonderful height, isn’t it? Karlie Kloss, a young and Popular American model Karlie is an entrepreneur also. She has also worked in a number of television shows and films. Currently she is dating Joshua Kushner, who is a businessman and who is a bit taller than Karlie Kloss.

Tiiu Kuik – 1.88m

Okay, do not hey confused about how to pronounce it. The name and the girl belongs to Estonia who is also 6 foot 2 inches tall. Like Karlie Kloss, Tiiu Kuik is also 188 cm and is one of the tallest female models in the industry.

Ana Hickmann – 1.86m

A beautiful model from one of the world’s fun places Brazil, Ana Hickmann is one of the tallest models in the world. Stands at south position in the list, Ana is also a businesswoman and a TV host. She is a but taller than 6 foot 1 inch. Ana Hickmann is associated with a number of brands such as Nivea, Victoria’s secret, Wella, L’ORÉAL, Bloomingdales, and Clairol. Because of height, she is one of the most popular as well.

Michelle Buswell – 1.85m

Michelle Buswell is a model from United States of America, and again one of the tallest models in the whole fashion industry. She stands at fifth position in the list of World’s tallest models. She is 6 foot 1 inch (or 185 cm) tall. Like other models in the list, Michelle is also popular for being a beautt with height model.

Jade Parfitt – 1.85m

Some of you must be knowing that she started her career from ‘The morning’. Ever since then, there was no looking back for Jade Parfitt. She is a model and presenter from United Kingdom, as well as a queen of million hearts. Her tallness is one of the things people know about her. She has also acted in film ‘Absolutely Fabulous : The movie’. Jade Parfitt’s height is 6 foot 1 inch (185cm).

Hana Soukupova – 1.85m

Now, you must be wondering how many female models in the world are 1.85m tall! Well, that is what is reality is. She is a Czech model, who is one of the busiest as well. Apart from her numerous achievements such as being featured in more than hundred magazines, she has to take care of two kids of her.Source – glowsy



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