Take Your Attention to These Top 5 Classy Women of All Time

The term classy not been used all the times probably and its suits for women. To be honest, women means beauty that’s all we know, but in that, some women are very special and impress many people by their classy look. Their beauties were not judged only by their physical structure but with their qualities too. So we thought it was the perfect time to elaborate a little top and class of our hats to 5 of the classiest women of all times to radiate their boast brains, elegance. And not only the men will crush them even most the women also would have the crush on them. Hence let’s see the top 5 classy women of all time.

#1 Elizabeth Taylor

Since from the golden age, one of the very popular actresses in Hollywood is Elizabeth Taylor. She started her acting career at her childhood and became an iconic start because of her beauty, talent and classy Hollywood lifestyle. The reason why she called a classy of all time is that of her serving heart, she spends her efforts and time for some charities around the years. Her present resident is in Los Angeles, California.

#2 Julia Roberts

In 1990’s, one of the women who rule the Hollywood by her fabulous acting and it turns as a pretty woman is none other than Julia Roberts. After that, her movies have collected more than two billion dollars at the box office; this would make her status into high. And she has also volunteered in UNICEF charities and traveled around the universe including India in sort to promote goodwill.

#3 Audrey Hepburn

The Oscar-winning actress Hepburn was born in Belgium and made a history in a short time span which is to hold the Oscar lady, Tony, Grammy, and Emmy. Apart from these achievements, she was the 3rd actress ever to get a salary package of one million dollars for a role in the film “My Fair Lady”. And she spends much of her time for some charity works like UNICEF.

#4 Salma Hayek

To become an actress, Hayek dropped out her graduation since from the school. There was a long break in Hollywood with a character in Desperado, however, leads to the pinnacle of the career with her Academy award missed and turn in Frida. She has also been taken part in Televisions and importantly working as an executive producer of the most famous series “Ugly Betty”. And she also does many charity works and raising voice against women’s immigrants.

#5 Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd is the most famous actress and well known for her resilient and strong roles in the movies. She was fifteen years old when her mom and sister approved a record deal as “The Judds”. Her life partner who is a famous Scottish auto racer and splits her time between their farm and home which is in Scotland and Franklin. And of course, she is also the world level ambassador for some prevention program for AIDs and Youth AIDs.



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