Strangest Beaches In The World That Look Spectacular

We all love exploring those sandy beaches whenever we feel the need of gazing the sunshine and feel that seawater. The world is 75% water and that remains on the earth in various forms and beaches is the most beautiful form.

Beaches are always worth visiting, and if there are unusual beaches that you find the strangest ones, then you shouldn’t leave a chance whether it is Maho Beach or just Maldives’s stunning scenery.

#8 Punaluu Black Sand Beach


The Black Sand Beach is located in Hawaii that sets the black colored sand on the shores instead of the unusual looking sand. It happens due to the flowing of basalt lava into the sea that makes it cool so fast, and it comes back in the form of black sand.

#7 Pink Sand Beach


The beach having pinkish sand is located in Bahamas and that is, of course, the most stunning one. It creates the pink hue because of the thousands of broken coral pieces and shells in the sea that make their journey to the shores.

#6 Maho Beach


The place is located in Saint Martin, and the spectacular thing about the beach is that you can experience airplanes going on really close to the ground. The closeness of the airplanes also makes you bend so there won’t be any Final Destination scene.

The beach looks very much beautiful with the blue water, open sky and planes going here and there. It happens because the airport is really close to the beach and therefore it’s the only option for landing there.

#5 Jokulsarlon, Iceland


The next one is Jokulsarlon that is popular for having the crystals like sand. So, it’s not something you visit for sunshine or blue water. On the shores, you can enjoy viewing those ice crystals in the form of chunks.

#4 Grass Beach


These strange things happen as nature always changes its way of residing according to climate and other conditions. The same happens with Grass Beach located in Kourou as it offers the tourists the grass instead of sand in the ground.

#3 Glass Beach


The most amazing looking beach in California. It is all because those small glasses that make beautiful reflection due to the sun rays. It looks really cool because there are countless tiny and colorful glasses on the shores. But, the history is not so interesting, as these glasses are a result of dumping the trash into the water.

#2 Cave Beach


The Cave Beach is not less than any beautiful landscape that anyone can ever imagine. It is like your most beautiful imagination has come true. The beach is located in Algarve, Portugal that is surrounded by the limestone rock.

#1 Gaze those stars in Maldives sand


Get the stunning view of the sparkling sand in the land of Maldives. The scenery here is truly incredible that everyone should visit this place at least once. The natural sights are breathtaking and full of mind-blowing sandy shores that release the glow in the dark.

The reason behind this glow is the chemical named bioluminescent phytoplankton that stays in the water of Maldives beaches, and it makes the entire environment a light show when the sun goes down.


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