The Sony Comedy Wildlife Photographs 2017 Is Underway and These 10 Entries Are Hilarious

The 2017 Comedy wildlife photography awards are still in its submission stage with its last date as 30th September 2017. However the comical submissions have been posted online and some of the results are hilarious. Sony’s Comedy Wildlife awards have been in the limelight of the photographic world because of its excellent entries and this year by the looks of it will not disappoint in the least. Mind you these photographs may put you into splits of laughter but they are for a good purpose to and that is to create wildlife conservation awareness. Check out the amazing entries of the Sony comedy wildlife photographs 2017 and get ready to enjoy a hearty laugh.

#1 Please Helpppp!!! I’m Falling!!! But Not In Love

This photograph by Tibor Kercz of Hungary has been captured at such an angle it looks as if the falling owl is actually pleading for help from his two siblings who couldn’t care less at his clumsy antics

    #2 Kung Fu Kangaroo

    Remember Shifu?? Well This Kangaroo shot by photographer Andres Giljov from Australia is undoubtedly comical. It looks as if the Kangaroo is in Kung Fu training.

      #3 A Hole!! A Hole!! Finally I Can Poop

      Who cares if this is a golf course???Is exactly what this fox thinks. He is just grateful he found his own special hole in one to have a poop. Imagine what happens when an unsuspecting golfer pokes his hand inside to retrieve his ball. YUCK!! The photo was taken by Douglas Croft in California.

        #4 WTF??? You Talking To Me??

        The expression on this seal’s face looks downright badass like he is from the animal mafia. An exceptional photo entry for the Sony comedy wildlife awards 2017 by George Cathcart, California.

          #5 Don’t Angry Me!!! How Dare You??

          This looks like one angry lion disturbed from a snooze but you have to admire the courage of photographer Gill Merritt who took this superb shot.

            #6 Say Cheese guys!! Cheese!!

            How do you actually get animals to pose like that and seals no less? They seem to be guffawing at the camera and know they are being clicked by photographer Roie Galitz on South Georgia Island.

              #7 She Broke Your Heart Didn’t She??

              Animals have feelings too and this guy looks as if his world has just come crashing down on him. Who knows?? Maybe his gal left him but he has his friend who seems to be singing Carrie Underwood’s song “I’ll stand by you”. The superb pic is taken by Peter Odeh.

                #8 Capt Jack Sparrow Here, How You Doin Mate??

                This is a spontaneous and incredible shot by photographer Andrez Vejar, Chile. This little guy looks just like a pirate of the bird kingdom.

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