Some Really Strange Dinosaurs’ Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

There is no doubt about the fact that the world is always curious about Dinosaurs and so are we. This is probably why movies like Jurrasic Park series as well as other have done tremendous business, thrilling audiences from all across the world. Researches have always been running on dinosaurs in order to understand their behaviour, their life and other aspects. Dinosaurs are probably the most intriguing topic among all the extinct animals. Today, we have come with some of the really unknown facts about them, that will leave you wondering. Check the article on on WheeBuzz

They were not the first reptiles who ruled earth

I bet you must be thinking that the first to rule Earth were Dinosaurs. But scientists have found empirical evidence to tell you that no! there were not the firsts. Before dinosaurs, archosaures were there who were dominant over the planet. Also, before Dinosaurs evolved fully (estimates are 20 million years), Prehistoric crocodile were among the most brutal and fearsome.

Dinosaurs were also found in Antarctica

A lot of people would be of the view that Dinosaurs were restricted to Africa, America, Asia and Europe. But no! Dinosaurs were found everywhere on the planet including Antarctica. Several studies tell that on the basis of empirical evidence. It must be noted that this was the time, when Dinosaurs were actually ruling the planet.

Fastest Dinosaurs

The Fastest of the dinosaurs were ‘Ornithominus’. The speed of Ornithominus Dinosaurs, if we measure, was more than 70 km per hour. You do not think Dinosaurs run with than speed, do you? Based on the fossils found in places (mainly North America), Ornithominus Dinosaurs were omnivores and there body gave extra edge to their speed.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)

Though more than on thousand species of Dinosaurs have been found so far, we always think of T-Rex when the term Dinosaur is coined. These Dinosaurs were among the Greatest meat eaters and had a speed of around 20 km/hr. T-Rex roamed Earth during the Cretaceous period. T-Rex, along with Spinosaures were considered as the most fearsome as well as brutal species of Dinosaurs.

Scientists were unknown about how Dinosaurs borned till 1923

Yea, that is right. Scientists did not know how Dinosaurs were born before the year 1923. It was 1923 when Roy Chapman Andrews, an explorer found the first ever nest of Dinosaurs that is ever know to the Dinosaurs science. It was found in Gobi desert, Mangolia and this was the point when modern scientists were clear if Dinosaurs were mamals or egg-laying animals.

Dinosaurs evolved into Birds

This must be a surprise for some. Not all the Dinosaurs were extinct because of the meteorite falling on the planet around 66 million years ago. The only Dinosaurs left evolved into the first birds. This must be a really strange fact. So the story goes like this- Dinosaurs were evolved from Archosaures around 243 to 233 million years ago, and evolved into earliest of the birds on the planet.



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