Snake Wine, Snake bile wine, and Snake blood wine: Proves that there is no humanity left on the earth

epa03610093 Jars of snake wine are displayed for sale at Le Mat snake village in Hanoi, Vietnam 05 March 2013. Le Mat is famous for snake restaurants and snake wine, with snakes kept in cages and killed before the eyes of customers by orders. It is believed that the blood of the snake can improve people's strength. The 16th Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) meeting will held in Bangkok from 03 to 14 March 2013 with the aim protecting endangered species. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

Wine and Beer, both are beverages that are highly consumed over the world. There is no doubt that right consumption of these things does not just keep people healthy but also keep energetic. Apart from this, Humans have a tendency to try new things to get that kick and for that, they can cross any limit. However sometimes to get the kick they forget that they are humans first and cross some limits which show that there is no emotions or humanity left in people. Why are we bothering or harming animals to find that kick? Why we torture them to get the new taste? Or why we even hurt them without thinking twice that they are like us, they can feel too! Before we continue further, think how you feel if someone put in an airtight bottle, and let you drowned in wine?

What is the fuss all about?

So, if you are introducing with the term for the first time then you should know what it means. Snake wine is basically an alcohol drink made with live snakes and the typical recipe for wine.

Snake Bile wine is the mixture of Wine in a bile that cut from the gallbladder of the snake and mostly come in Green or yellow color.

Apart from these two drinks, Snake Blood wine is quick shot that looks red in color made with blood that found in the stomach of the snake.

Wait, these facts will be going to blow your mind about these drinks!

#1  At the time when you buy the bottles of snake wine, you will find snakes designed artistically inside the bottle which is really impossible as the bottle is too small to do anything.

#2  At the time when snakes put inside the bottle, they all are alive and for making this wine they kept inside a bottle until they die with a suffocation or get drowned in wine.

#3  Those who consume these drinks they claim that these wines can actually cure anything, no matter which kind of health issue you suffering, you will get cured after drinking such wines.

#4  The Snake wine is claimed to make the blood circulation better and also it boost up the sexual power and strength in a male.

#5  There are various countries where these wines are banned and  especially if you plan to take these wines with you in countries like USA, UK, and Canada.  The government of these countries didn’t allow you to take these wines with you as these things are considered in not to permit stuff as many snake species are endangered.

#6  the snake wine, as well as other snake-related wines, is most popular in countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and other parts of southern China.

#7  In winters, most of the snakes get caught as that was the time period when they start hibernating in their dens.

#8  surprisingly, people are not just supporting this cruelty but also consuming on the high level. The consumption of these snake made wines are more than 30 percent in alcohol overall consumption.

#9  Apart from the snakes, to make the wine more powerful they put small scorpions, lizards, and herbs.


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