Six Most Disgusting Movies Ever Made In Hollywood

There are several genres of movies, and ‘Disgusting’ is one of them that actually makes the audience wanting for more. If this world excites you too because there is blood, tools, inhumanity, and insanity, then here listed movies can be your next watch.

So, continue exploring these movies here that are full of inhumane behavior and perfect on the word ‘Disgusting.’

#1 Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1976)

The movie shows up sexual gratification, sexual torture, and murder in most cruel ways. A group of four adults work on kidnaping teenagers both boys and girls and charge all these harsh acts on them for 120 days. The cruelness used in the movie made it ban in several countries like Australia. In all other places, the movie was presented after cutting off several weird scenes.

Anyways, you can feast your eyes by having a watch for this movie tonight.

#2 I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

The movie seems a great watch if you want something really disgusting and revengeful. As per the storyline, a young lady goes to a peaceful place for writing purposes. The cruel part arrives when she gets raped, and mutilation happens to her by five random men residing there.

The story takes turn when the hurt lady goes on for revenge and to see how disgust it can be to killing all those five, you really need to watch it.

#3 Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

It was released in 1980, just two years after ‘I Spit on Your Grave’ but with a lot more cruelty and disgust. The film will surely leave you goose bumped due to its horrible storyline and the filming way. A film crew goes into the forest of Amazon, but they never come back. In search of the crew, a team of rescuers attends there. In that jungle, all they find is those man-eaters, the rest you can watch and hold your pants.

#4 Aftermath (1994)

It’s like a short film of a morgue worker that is highly addicted to having sexual intercourse with corpses. This 32-minutes long drama towards necrophilia will keep you engaged and scared at the same time. The movie also features somewhat a horror theme as the scenes are about sexual behavior with corpses. So, let’s have a watch and see how much you like the idea of Aftermath.

#5 In My Skin (2002)

How would it feel watching a woman who eats up her own body parts? If it feels like a great movie to watch, then just go ahead and see how weird the world is. The storyline revolves around a woman who just got an injury, but instead of letting it heal, she gets obsessed with it and starts chewing it up.

I am just writing it, but this self-mutilation just gave me goosebumps. Let’s try it watching on your own.

#6 Antichrist (2009)

The movie is about a happy couple living their life to the fullest with their child. The story takes turn when that child falls out and meets the death while the couple is enjoying sexual activities. Later, they both went to the woods that remind them the moments of their child and things from here get even more violent. Just set a watch of the movie and get to know the entire production.

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