Six of the Creepiest and Most Haunted Objects of All Time

When a malicious spirit refuses to move on or an evil supernatural being takes up residence in an innate object, then it becomes haunted and whoever associates with it is liable to suffer the effects of possession or influence of the evil within the object. There have been several reports throughout history of such haunting but none as intense or real as these ten most haunted objects of all time.

#1 The Dybbuk Box


The Dybbuk box inspired a horror movie “The possession” in 2012.  In Jewish mythology, a Dybbuk is an evil spirit believed to be the soul of a dislocated human being. The famous Dybbuk box was purchased by an antique dealer from a Jewish woman whose granddaughter warned him of an evil spirit called a Dybbuk trapped inside.

The dealer gave it to his mother who suffered a stroke within days. On her hospital bed she spelt out the words H-A-T-E-G-I-F-T. His sister too fell ill and somehow all the family members including him kept having the same recurring nightmare every night. Unable to bear the evil effects, he sold it to a museum curator Jason Haxton who went on to write a detailed record of events of the Dybbuk box.


Among the most haunted objects, we all know about Annabelle made famous by the movie conjuring and subsequently of the same name. The Doll was purchased by a woman in the seventies for her daughters. Soon after the family began to experience the worst nightmare of their lives when several instances of paranormal activity began manifesting in the house such as objects moving, parchments paper with handwriting and even the doll turning up in various places in the house.

The last straw was a friend who was viciously attacked by the doll at night. Thinking it to be a nightmare he returned to sleep only to find physical claw marks on his chest. The doll was investigated by famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who found it was possessed by an evil demon. Annabelle was ultimately given to Ed and Lorraine warren who concealed it in a glass case where it still remains till today.

#3 The EBay Haunted Painting

Considered as one of the most haunted works of art, the painting by artist “Bill Stoneham” created in 1972 and titled “the hands that resist him “was put up on eBay by its owners a Californian couple who  warned of dire consequences associated with the painting. According to the couple, the figures appeared to move at night. It also made all who viewed the painting at home sick and weak. 

Children would be observed running screaming after seeing the painting while adults reported feeling unseen hands grabbing them as they watched it intensely. The artist when contacted confirmed that the first reviewers of the painting died simultaneously that same year.

#4 The Myrtle Plantation Mirror

Myrtles plantation is considered the most hunted house in the USA. Dating back to 1796, it was built on Native American burial ground and has since then been in the news for series of paranormal events and murders, sometimes on a daily occurrence. The most haunted object is the mirror where legend says it contains the spirits of Sara Woodruff and her children. Witnesses have claimed to have seen child sized handprints appearing on the glass as well as figures moving inside the mirror. Incidentally, the Woodruffs were murdered and custom dictates that mirrors should be covered upon a person’s death, this one wasn’t.

#5 The Cursed Chair of Thomas Busby

Before being hanged in 1702, Thomas Busby a convicted murderer ate a meal in his favorite pub. When finished, he stood up and said "May sudden death come to anyone who dare sit in my chair." And that’s exactly what happened. Till date several people who dared sit ii the chair have died within a short while including two RAF pilots who died in a crash after leaving the pub in which the chair stood for years after Busby’s death. A mason defying fate died the very afternoon he sat in the chair.

The pub’s cleaning lady sipped into the chair one day and died from a brain tumor soon after. The list is endless and carried on till the pub owner donated the chair to the local museum in 1972 where it stands suspended 6 feet above on a wall so no one can sit in it.

#6 The Goddess of Death

Nicknamed "The Goddess of Death,” or also “The Women from Lemb” This limestone statue was discovered in 1878 in Lemb, Cyprus. It dated back to 3500 BC and believed to be a representation of a fertility goddess. Immediately after retaining it, the first owner Lord Elphiston and his entire family died of mysterious circumstances. Whoever owned the statue thereafter fell prey to disease and ultimately death along with their families. The statue claimed four families including Sir Alan Biverbrook , his wife and two daughters. His sons the only survivors scared out of their wits donated the doll to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, where it remains today.

The chief curator of the museum also fell prey to the statues curse until it was firmly locked in place by double glass panel’s safe from human hands.

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