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All set for the wedding? Here are best trending Pre-wedding photo shoot ideas that you need to know!

The wedding season is near, and there are lots of couples who are all set to get tied in a knot this season. But as you know, Wedding is not an easy task. There are lots of stuff that you need to handle; no matter it’s about finding best catering services to selecting the dress for a wedding. Apart from all this, there are so many things that are required to be done before the event take place. But there is one thing that not only plays an important role at that time but it also helps you to capture that moment forever, yes it’s about Photos! Not just photos, here we are talking about Wedding Photos! Hands down, there is no couple who didn’t want to have amazing photographs of their wedding and in the world where sharing photos on social media are so obvious at this moment, you really don’t want to adjust with something ordinary.


These days, People are looking for the different option to make their wedding different and beautiful. There are lots of you who may know about Pre-wedding photo shoot; however, the term itself defines the meaning but those who wanted to know further. The pre-wedding photo shoot is when soon to be husband and wife shoot some pictures at their chosen locations. It can be based on various theme and style; it completely depends on what you like to see in your photographs.

So, if you are looking for a theme or idea that can make your wedding interesting and unique, here is all that you are going to need!

Top trending Ideas and themes that you can choose for making your Pre-wedding photo shoot outstanding and super awesome!!

#1 why don’t you include your pet in photos!

If you have the pet then why don’t you add them to your pre-wedding photo shoot? It will not only make your photos beautiful but also make it more memorable.

#2 Best for those book obsessed couple!

If you like to read and your partner is equally obsessed then this one can also turn as the theme. The geeky looks cute and it will better to choose library as it will look natural in photographs.

#3 Romance in Rain!

Well, hand down! Nothing can match Rain if we are talking about romance. It can be your perfect theme to choose for a shoot.

#4 underwater love!

Those couples who love to try adventures stuff then they need to focus on this theme. It is not just on trend but actually looks really cool and you will definitely be going to enjoy a lot!

#5 under sky romance!

Stargazing photographs are really cute and it will be the nice theme to choose for those who are completely romance lover.

#6 Add props!

Little bit addition will make your photos more alive and cool. Apart from that, a color blast is an added touch that boosts up the emotions.

#7 Go for Fairytale!

Well, if you dream to have fairytale romance then you should try this theme too!  The magic and the fairytale aura will be going to make your love last forever!

#8 Classic Heritages

Travelling while photo shoot it sounds like the best thing that you can get! Go for your favorite heritages and click your best photos with your soon to be the better half.

#9 Into the woods!

Those who want to connect with nature and want to have something natural for their wedding, into the woods will help you to get what you are looking for!

#10 Mini you and your partner!

Well, no need to say but it is one of the most trending themes these days.  Such themes not just unique but look super adorable!

#11 Art Aficionados lovers

Another theme that you can choose and no need to say why!

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